150+ Marketers Share Their Marketing Predictions for 2021- Part 10

2020 was a tough year, we all hope that 2021 will be better. 

As 2021 begins this is a good time to reflect on what we learned so far and how the future might look like. 

In this comprehensive roundup from 162 marketers you’ll find diverse perspectives from a wide range of marketing professionals, founders, and CMOs. The predictions are sorted by categories to make them easier to browse. 

You’ll notice that a few clear patterns emerge across categories, a number of themes repeat like video marketing, Clubhouse, community, regulation, customer experience, data, and work-from-home.

Happy learning from the collective wisdom.


Psychology in Marketing 


Travis Scott

Scott is Director of Marketing ISM – Industrial Specialties Manufacturing. ISM is a B2B company and distributor of miniature fittings, filters, and valves used in a variety of markets and applications including automotive, packaging, food and beverage, and medical. Their marketing mostly targets engineers who are designing new products or need alternative components for an established design.

“Since no one can predict the future, especially after 2020, I’ll stick to where my marketing focus is trending and where I assume others in the non-SaaS B2B marketing world will be as well. Our marketing is becoming more human. We realize that, even in B2B marketing, we’re marketing to other humans who have emotions, are making decisions- some rational, some irrational – and are usually trying to solve bigger, more personal problems than finding a part that fits their design. They’re seeking to preserve their status among their peers and manager. They’re trying to get a promotion and build their career capital. A bad choice in vendor could impact that so we will be putting more emphasis on storytelling, empathy, and understanding what problems, beyond the obvious business problems, we’re helping these engineers solve.

Increasing my team’s understanding of psychology, influence, how and why people make decisions will be a core focal point for me in 2021.

These elements will influence how we communicate the features, benefits, and value of partnering with ISM beyond the products and services we sell. Now that digital marketing is maturing, I believe marketers will begin shifting their focus back to the basics and core tenets of marketing- understanding the people they seek to serve- and less on the tactics and shiny new MarTech platforms and tools.”

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Sahil Shah

Sahil is Growth Marketer at Clientjoy, he specializes in social media marketing, paid ads, brand building and community building

“Community selling is going to get bigger this year. People like to buy from people they know. We used to call it influencer marketing, but the same is now being expected from companies. 

Companies who sell products need to become their own media houses. Companies who are building communities are going to grow in 2021. Due to the pandemic, companies who led with empathy enjoyed a lot of reach and engagement, the same will continue. “

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Nitesh Gupta

Nitesh is Marketing Manager at PQAI, a nonprofit open source initiative that helps inventors to do research for their patentable ideas without any cost.

“This year it becomes extremely crucial to understand the real why. This is what behavioral science, particularly behavioral economics is all about. It certainly tells us what people did not do that we supposed they would do. Behavioral science will forge a new frontier in the market in 2021. Most of the time people don’t say what they think and don’t do what they say. This is the real flaw.

In 2021 we might see brands and marketers using behavioral science lenses to bring the individuals to focus. Companies would be using personality trait science to predict preferences, choices, and behavior. It also includes openness to new experiences.

Companies would try to map individuals to their worldviews, deeply tied to their own, and their ingroup identities and beliefs. The aim would be to see consumers’ choices and what guides their preferences and behavior.”

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Helen Baptist

Helen is COO at PathFactory. PathFactory is the Content Intelligence platform that helps B2B marketers understand and optimize their content, which increases content engagement and accelerates journeys that lead to sales. 

“Self-discovery and education before purchase of anything, whether B2C or B2B, will only continue to accelerate. Marketers will be challenged to deliver meaningful experiences at any and all interactions.  

The consumerization of B2B marketing, in alignment with B2C consumption experiences like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Walmart will continue across all marketing channels – with websites being the single most important channel that has, to date, not delivered to expectations.  

Micro-personalized journeys and content, based on where you are in the buying cycle, customer journey and maturity of relationship with a B2B and it’s products, must and should be delivered in order to win. The market is crowded and there is a lot of noise. Getting and keeping someone’s attention needs to be contextually relevant, managed for the full lifecycle, omnichannel and integrated. You need to know the human and their preferences first!”

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Vanhishikha Bhargava

Vanhishikha is Founder and Content Marketer at Contensify, she also has her own Marketing Consultancy. She specializes in content marketing and Contensify focuses on B2B SaaS products. 

“Deliberate, empathetic, helpful and data-driven content marketing. 

2020 changed a lot for us. But more importantly, it changed how we interact with businesses and who we interact with. We have become more deliberate about what we’re purchasing, what impact it will have on us and how it adds value to us in the coming time as well, instead of just catering to a current need. With consumers becoming more and more conscious, it’s time for businesses to dump their age-old sales-driven tactics like preparing a big sales deck, a pricing comparison, etc into a blender. These tactics, while still useful, will not be convincing enough to turn your audience into your customers. 

Which only goes to say, if you need to read tens of articles online and watch at least a few videos before investing even $1000 into an Apple product, expect no different from your customers. You will have to invest in long-term strategies like content marketing to educate your customers. Educated customers make better purchase decisions – while it may not bring you instant ROI from your marketing campaigns, it is a sure-shot way to find stable and steady ground in the market, and not be a crashing rocketship. But then again, just about any content does not work. 

You have to know your audience, you have to dig deep into data to see what they’re looking for and create content that really does educate them. It’s about pull-marketing and not push-marketing anymore. You try and push things too much in the face of consumers and you’ll just see yourself crumbling those who are more deliberate, empathetic and helpful to the same audience.”

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Originally published at AllFactors.com on January 28, 2021.

*Image by Buffik from Pixabay 


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