3 Simple Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is without a doubt the most effective platform for driving targeted leads, and it all starts with your profile – the first impression people have of you. It is essentially an “about me” web page, where you can attract your target audience and build your network.

But to be effective, your profile must be value-based, keyword-rich, and compelling. If you don’t have a profile you are proud of, that communicates the value you offer, that compels potential clients and partners to connect with you, you are missing out. Your profile is your chance to put your best foot forward on LinkedIn; it’s where you inspire trust and confidence, attract prospects, and position yourself as an expert. Here are three simple tips for ensuring your profile can accomplish these lofty (but very doable) goals.

Customize Your Headline

By default, LinkedIn creates your headline based on your current job title and company. For example: “Owner at Smith Creations.” But you have 120 characters to customize this section, so don’t waste it.  

Your headline is attached to everything you do on LinkedIn. It shows up not only on your profile page, but next to your name in all your posts and in your connection invitations. It’s often the first look potential connections get at who you are. 

Your headline can express your areas of expertise, awards, and / or the value you provide to your target audience. Provide information that will compel a connection.


Appear in more LinkedIn searches by using strategic keywords in your headline!

Your ‘About’ Section

When someone goes to your profile page, the first thing they see below your headline is your “About” section. LinkedIn provides a large space to write about yourself – 2,000 characters! You want to express your value. Focus on benefits (rather than the features you provide). What are the results you produce, the benefits people get from working with you? How do you help your clients? Focus on outcomes.

We recommend writing this section in the 1st person voice.


Visitors to your profile page only see the first 2 – 3 lines of your About section before they have to click to “see more.” Make these first few lines compelling.

Originally published at https://streambankmedia.com/ on August 23, 2019.


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