5 Alarming Signs That Your Business Needs Systems

Have you ever reached a point where you stopped and wondered what you got yourself into by starting a business? I know I have, on more than one occasion. In fact, it still happens occasionally.

The road of an entrepreneur is not an easy, flatly laid out path that we start on and then soon after, we grow and become successful. Yet you became an entrepreneur by simply pursuing your dreams of helping people. Whether you’re an intuitive coach, a healer, a therapist or any other soul-centered entrepreneur, I bet you get moments of frustration,  ‘I never signed up for this’ kind of moments.

The sheer workload of keeping the business running is beginning to overshadow your passion, the reason WHY you started it in the first place.

As our business grows and more clients start rolling in, we can easily get overwhelmed. There are only so many hours in the day that we can spend on our business, not to mention tending to our families, loved ones… and where is the time for fun gone?

So you end up working at night, when your family sleeps, hoping you can get everything in. Or you wake up early so you can get an hour before the house starts to get busy. Your body starts feeling the lack of attention, lack of sleep and the feeling of burnout soon comes over you. The overwhelm, the frustration…

You may think that you’re not cut out for this…

Here are the 5 Alarming Signs that You Need Systems & Automation in Your Business:


  1. You are feeling overwhelmed and stressed – your to-do list is never-ending. You have no time to enjoy family life, your children complain and start acting up, your husband is wondering how come you spend so much time on your business and don’t reap enormous financial rewards. It all just feels too much!
  2. Your business is not progressing – it seems that it has come to a standstill as there are only so many hours in the day and no matter what you do, the time constraint stops you from expanding
  3. You’re inconsistent – have you ever forgot to attend a meeting, or send that invoice? No? That’s great! How about following up with prospective clients? Do you even follow up? Well, if you don’t you’re letting potential clients slip through the cracks
  4. You are not getting a consistent flow of clients – that time when you just finished a project and you start thinking where is the next client going to come in from. Sounds familiar?
  5. You are not treating your clients as you would like to – when you’re tired and overwhelmed you are unable to provide exceptional service to your clients. It comes through in your energy and it comes through in the way you respond to your clients.

If you’ve been feeling this way for a while, I invite you to go back to the drawing board and look at what systems you have in your business. Systems that will support you and take the workload off your shoulders so that you can enjoy sharing your gifts and still have quality time to enjoy life.

With some strong systems in place, you can work less for the same amount of money. Plus you can scale to the point of working only a few hours per week, whilst your business is still the same as it was.

Systems are a foundation for every business.

Without systems, your business can not grow and you are setting yourself up for burnout and failure

Business systems are often overlooked by many small business owners

‐ don’t make this expensive mistake!


The first reason is that systems are a “back office” function and are considered by some as boring. 

Yet the incredible power the systems give you is anything but boring.


The second major reason for neglecting systems is a perceived lack of urgency. When the business is small, there are seemingly more important things to do.


With so little time for running the business, putting off systems seems easy. But if you get them in place right from the start, you will thank yourself later. Schedule one hour per week to start setting up your systems and soon you will be breathing a sigh of relief!


Originally published at RosieAnipare.Com

*Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 


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