I put together 7 focal points I see as the most important to help you build a framework for an engaged workforce, whether you have 3, or 3,000 employees.

1. Define the Culture

Top performing companies know that culture doesn't happen by chance. The destination employers craft a compelling story about what it's like to work with them. This story changes how people think about the company, and changes who walks in the door.


2. Offer Career Pathways

Folding in new challenges, projects, trainings is one of the easiest ways to ensure your people stay engaged. Research shows that we are biologically hardwired to resist longterm repetition. Find ways to keep things creative.


3. Monitor Job Satisfaction

Within organizational psychology, we know that satisfied employees are less likely to hop to another company. The best way to monitor employee satisfaction is with both quantitative and qualitative tools.


4. Connect to a Big Vision

When building strategic plans remember to craft a big vision for your people, give them a north star. Then energize them by connecting their daily activities to that big vision.


5. Get Ahead Of Friction

Great leaders have a knack for communicating during difficulty, get out ahead of issues with communication training before bruises happen.


6. Communicate Change

Most employees do best in a socratic environment - where all ideas matter. This doesn't mean decisions shouldn't be made from the top, but that we communicate WHY we're changing direction and give employees a moment to understand how changes affect them. Think of it as a matter of respect.


7. Make Trust Paramount

Not knowing what is top of mind for your managers is like sailing a ship with no compass. To build psychological safety you want to reward truth and transparency, which is a foundation for creating trust between you and your managers.




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