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Online Video 2020: Must-Know Video Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2020


Lou helped thousands of entrepreneurs and companies create and leverage online video to build their brands and dramatically grow their revenues.... Read full article

Engaging on Social: Six Tips to Increase Your Social Media Engagement


Alicia Piazza will share with you how to post with brand authenticity, voice and tone that resonates with your audience. ... Read full article

Apply for a Massachusetts STEP Grant


Rapport International is a proud supporter of the STEP Grant program, which provides funds to encourage small businesses to expand into foreign markets.  Applications are being accepted by the Massachusetts Export Center until September 30, 2019.... Read full article

Back Translations and Other Quality Assurance Processes


Companies spend a lot of time creating their written materials; messaging, documentation, manuals, advertising, etc. Materials are written, edited and rewritten several times to get the words and the message just right. ... Read full article



I thought it would be fun (and hopefully helpful) to share an aspect from behind-the-scenes of the design process. Especially if you’re thinking about getting a new logo — either DIY’ing it, or hiring a designer, there’s something unexpected to consi... Read full article

How much does a translation cost?

by Wendy Pease on

How much does a translation cost? It's not always simple or clear.... Read full article

7 Reasons You Need a Facebook Business Page


Business pages are the side dish to your marketing meal. Websites and networking are your bread and butter, but the side (your business page) has a lot of marketing nutrients that you need to grow your business. ... Read full article

How To Score on Turnover with Internal Corporate Video


If you've played football -or almost any sport- at one time or another you've heard coach say that turning the ball over costs us the points we should have scored and the points the other team scored, "That's a 14-point swing!"... Read full article