Are you doing yourself good?

As you read this, I will be on a plane to Singapore and Bangkok for a 17-day vacation with my husband.

We all need to take a break. However, I find that many people, including myself, have a hard time unplugging. We live our lives and work so much that our brains often are working all the time on whatever it is that we are attending to at the moment. Sometimes, this includes our sleep time – which doesn’t allow us to fully rest. I have talked to clients about this many times and the concerns that keep people from totally unplugging are generally centered around this thought: “If I go on vacation, I will be behind. I will lose ___________(fill in the blank), so I can’t afford to go.”

If that fits, I am going to invite you to consider that you cannot afford not to go on vacation. Vacation, a break, is good for your health – decreasing everyday stress, helping you sleep and relax. Vacation is good for your creativity and productivity. If you think about it, when your brain is always on, under stress, you are not as creative because your brain spends too much time in survival mode and thus has more challenges engaging your executive brain where creativity lies. Vacation is good for your relationships, allowing you time to talk about something other than work, allow you to have fun and reconnect with your vacation partner. Vacation is good for expanding your cultural knowledge and competence – explore a new place, new food, new people – be curious, observe, and talk to people.

Overall, I encourage you to take a nice vacation. Explore new places. Relax, eat well, sleep well and have fun. When you get back, all the work will be there. You have plenty of time to get to it.

Originally published at on September 5, 2019.

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