Bringing the Unconscious to Consciousness for Change

In my first article, I shared a brief description of the Four Pillar System I use along with traditional coaching competencies. Today, I’m sharing a bit of science behind the formulation for the 4 pillars. Please enjoy and reach out to schedule your session with me.

The Unconscious mind… where we all live, most of the time.

95 percent of brain activity is beyond our conscious awareness. Numerous cognitive neuroscientists have conducted studies that have revealed that only 5% of our cognitive activities (decisions, emotions, actions, behavior) is conscious whereas the remaining 95% is generated in a non-conscious manner.

We grow into our influences whether they are social, environmental, and cultural or a combination of all. These influences become how we see the world around us and we are affected and take action according to our perceptions. How we see the world from our external influences will determine our judgments about the right and wrong of things. We perceive that others see the world the way we see the world and we believe that we are correct and use language like “I am like this” “This is what I know to be true” and we judge others by statements like “John is not honest” or Mary doesn’t take care of herself” ….when we actually have no idea of the way John or Mary perceive the world that they live in.

And then we carry this belief into our permanent being where everything remains the same. Our actions repeat themselves, and nothing changes. And so we survive. We accept where we are, we don’t look to open our minds to different ways of being and we remain rooted and focused in our comfort or discomfort, many times leading to complaining, bitterness and resentment as well as looping our stories over and over again..

Why? Because we don’t understand that our stories are based on perceptions and half/truths…and therefore totally within our power to change. Our reality is basically holding us captive and living in survival mode.

I like to say the story we tell is the only truth we know. It will remain that way until we make the conscious decision to tell ourselves a new story that propels us forward instead of keeping us stuck.

You can begin today to raise your awareness around the stories you tell. Accept that you are in a place of being stuck in those stories, or else you would be feeling free and forward moving. If you are not, you are stuck. It’s okay and fine to be stuck! Just accept that because that is the first step t change.

Takeaway….we are responsible for creating the experiences in our life. No one else. You come in alone and you go out alone and what you do in between is entirely 100% up to you. Victim to Victor..

I’ll be breaking these pillars down in more detail in future articles. Can’t wait? Schedule a session with me today: Diane Catrambone

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