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How to Virtually Network at a Conference


We are all working from the safety of our homes. Many of our powerful engagements now happen online.... Read full article

How to Virtually Network at a Conference (Part 2) by Ashley Owens


It is important to still be creative and strategic in building relationships from these virtual event opportunities.... Read full article

"You Asked, I Answered" - What is Your Biggest Challenge Right Now With Virtual Networking?


In a special episode of the #AskAshleyAssists show on This Is It Network, we’re going to answer responses from a post put on LinkedIn... Read full article

Why Aren’t We on the Same Page? The Core Elements of Alignment


Our goal is to call out harmful management & leadership practices that are damaging productivity and relationships. And to empower you with alternatives that will lead to happier and more productive teams.... Read full article

3 Ways to Get Media Coverage When COVID and Politics Dominate


2020 has shaped up to be quite a year. I think many of us have some choice words to describe this rollercoaster ride. One word that comes to mind is shifting.... Read full article

5 reasons you are NOT ready for a grant

by Christine E.B. Howard on

If you are part of a start-up in the first three to five years of operation chances are you could use more funding to get you going on your way. We all could. Here are 5 reasons why you are NOT ready for a grant.... Read full article

No Fun - Thinking About Constraints


When I onboard a new client, I’m excited to learn about the success of their organization, the most important things they do and the goals that tell me where they’re headed.... Read full article

10 Tips for Creating Subject Lines that Open Emails


Subject lines can make or break your email campaign, so I want to provide you with some tips on how to create subject lines that encourage people to open your email.... Read full article

Introducing The SaaS Marketing Educational Series


This is a free educational series of comprehensive blog posts intended to give you the knowledge and tools you need to take your SaaS marketing to the next level.... Read full article

Part 2: Why there has never been a more critical time to lead inclusively


Learn about hope and fear as drivers for change and 9 reasons why now is the time for inclusive leadership.... Read full article