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Go Ahead: Be Bored and Do Chaos

by Jennifer McEwen on

In this time of new experiences, lean into them to help you move forward.... Read full article

Glinda the Good Witch

by Beth Knaus on

Owning your own path to success and abundance.... Read full article

Truly Living in the Moment

by Beth Knaus on

Working in the now while preparing for the new frontier that lie ahead for our businesses.... Read full article

Virtually Awesome: Facilitating Fabulous Online Meetings

by Jilly Hyndman on

Keep these tips in mind when facilitating online meetings to ensure you and your participants have an efficient and productive experience. ... Read full article

Virtually Awesome: Creating Meaningful Connections Online

by Jilly Hyndman on

Doubtful you can create connection through a computer screen? It's possible! Here are some tried and true tips to help you create vibrant and meaningful virtual connections. ... Read full article

How ‘whisper networks’ can help you leverage negotiating and your career


How ‘whisper networks’ can help you leverage negotiating and your career... Read full article

How to Grow Your Brand Organically


This is the time of year where we naturally look back, review, and reflect before we move forward. As business owners, we typically set goals with the intention to grow our brand exposure, and ultimately, our bottom line.... Read full article

Community Breeds Community


I’ve reflected a lot on the topic of Community over the last couple of weeks. All of the amazing communities I’ve been a part of over the years. Some that I’ve intentionally cultivated, and others I’ve fallen into. ... Read full article

How Does a Balloon Mortgage Work?


Many people own homes through a mortgage agreement. Traditional mortgages are primarily fully amortized or gradually paid off with regular payments over the lifetime of the loan. Each payment contributes to both the principal and the interest.... Read full article

Facebook: Your One Stop Marketing Shop


Don’t know where to start with Facebook? Don’t know how to use Facebook to grow your business? Minessa Konecky will give you three (3) techniques to consistently attract new customers to your Facebook page.... Read full article