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Rethinking your job/career? Here are your starting points


Many of us have been working from home, alone or spending time with our kids, our spouse or significant other, maybe even our parents—and actually enjoying it. ... Read full article

Good Habits Are The Foundations Of Success


As challenging as financial problems can be, it’s a reality everybody faces. People experience having money problems no matter what socioeconomic status they fall under.... Read full article

10 Steps To Making Virtual Meetings A Success


You may have had an increase in virtual meetings. With the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve all made changes to the way we work. Many of us have gone from one virtual meeting to the next.... Read full article

How to Reignite Your Life's Work in Uncertain Times


How to Reignite Your LIfe's Work in Uncertain Times helps women recognize the path forward is not the same as the path that brought you here. Uncertain times requires a look inward, a self-assessment that's going to reveal your "why" or "purpose".... Read full article

Stay True To Your Mission and Vision


Are you forsaking authenticity for opportunity? What do you REALLY want to be doing? What lights you up? We’ve found clarity using three simple questions and my hope here is that you will too. ... Read full article

Love Your LinkedIn


Do you love your LinkedIn? Is your headline memorable? Do you have a sense of pride when you look at your profile? If you do one thing today, take a look at your LinkedIn headline. And make sure it's memorable.... Read full article

Girlboss May Be Over, But The Woman Founder Is Here To Stay

by Aliza Licht on

I am really proud to share my latest piece for Forbes. I've never felt quite so compelled to write something and add diverse voices including Rhonesha Byng, Cate Luzio, Tai Beauchamp, and Jenny Galluzzo. ... Read full article

How to Use Social Media to Build the Career You Love


Holly Chessman enables clients to achieve business goals through exceptional strategies and materials.... Read full article

Maximize Your Seat at the Table : Increase Your Confidence, Communication Skills


Kim has coached hundreds of clients and has presented on career advancement and leadership topics to corporate, non-profit and academic audiences. ... Read full article

Crisis Resilience: Make This Your Finest Hour


Leaders need to employ resilience as a means of strengthening themselves and their teams in order to prepare their organization for what comes next.... Read full article