Do You Need to Change Up Your Career - Quickly?

In the era of Covid-19, many of us need to embrace career change - fast.

Maybe you:

  • Have been laid off.

  • Have been furloughed.

  • Are experiencing an unexpected and unwanted shift in your industry.

  • Need to work remotely.

  • Need to reduce stress.

  • Need to have a bigger voice and influence in your organization.

  • Need to finally start that entrepreneurial venture you've been dreaming of.

Whatever the reason, you're ready for change.

Warning! Here's what doesn't work - Applying blindly to jobs on LinkedIn or Indeed.

When you are trying to make a change, it's going to be hard for recruiters to quickly see what you are capable of from a resume. Resumes only show what you did in the past - not what you are capable of in the future.

Not only does applying to jobs online not work, but it can also be totally counterproductive. Not hearing back, getting rejected, having disappointing conversations - these all lead to feelings of defeat that can STOP you from making real progress towards change.

What DOES work:

1. Changing how you talk about yourself. Instead of saying things like "I am a teacher," you can start saying things like: "I'm an expert curriculum designer and public speaker and I'm currently exploring ways to transition those skills from public education to the private sector."

*My team and I will write new scripts for you, so you can change how you talk about yourself. We also rewrite your resume and LinkedIn profile for you to reflect on your desired transition.

2. Building new relationships. You cannot change careers without meeting new people in the fields that you are interested in and being really, really curious about them, their industries, how your skills might translate to solve the problems that they have, how COVID is impacting their organization, etc. If the people you know RIGHT NOW could have helped you transition into a new career, they already would have! So, you've got to talk to new people. Don't ask about job openings - simply be curious. Go into research mode.

*We put together a robust, step-by-step relationship-building plan for you, that includes scripts for reaching out and asking for phone conversations, questions to ask, and exact follow-up steps to maintain your new relationships.

3. Embracing excitement and discomfort. Change doesn't come when you stay in your comfort zone. Feeling "scarecited" (scared/excited) is a sign you're on the right track!

*We help you move through your discomfort by evaluating your current top strengths and making a plan to leverage them during and after you make your career transition. I help you get unstuck from old patterns, by giving you weekly step-by-step actions and scripts to use when you're feeling lost.

Many of my current clients are rapidly moving into jobs with higher pay, more flexibility, and more meaning. Book a call today to disc


Originally published at EmilyBensonPhd.Com on August 20, 2020.

*Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay 


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