EPIC Mother/Daughter Trip

Travel is an adventure…Best laid plans can be disrupted by Mother Nature and there is truly nothing you can do especially when you are trying to get to an island with a sub-tropical storm no one saw coming happens! 

We had planned for months to travel to Nantucket to celebrate and meet for the first time my son, Bowen’s girlfriend, Laura Douglass’s family. They met on Nantucket, so of course, this meeting should take place on the island. 

Everyone had to learn to go with the flow! George and I tried to travel to the island several days in advance to prepare but the ferry line had other ideas.

After many changed ferry reservations due to the sudden weather, we met Laura Douglass and her family at the Steamship ferry ticket office. 


Waiting with fingers crossed for the ferry to go. This of course is CRAZY because traveling on the slow Steamship Traditional Ferry for 2 1/2 hours in a storm is just CRAZY!
But the island was calling our name so we were trying! 

We decided to head to our first meal together at Panera while waiting to see if the next boat would be going. As luck would have it they canceled all the boats for the day. Sad but also feeling safe and not seasick we accepted our fate and decided to head back to our home off-island to regroup and try again the next day. Thank goodness its fall and Concord, MA is alive and well. The day was salvaged with a tour of the Louis May Alcott House and a visit to The Cheese Shop for a wine and cheese tasting!


Pizza for dinner was now changed to salad and chicken because of course, we brought A LOT of cheese and wine home after the tasting. Pizza on top of cheese was a bit much! 

We enjoyed an evening getting to know each other and also munching on yummy macaroons made by Laura Douglass and her family while visiting Vermont and the King Authur Flour store and taking a cooking class where these were made. Highly recommended! They were YUMMY!


Now…to figure out the next days plans to get to the island of Nantucket. Only 5 seats left on the following mornings 9:30 fast ferry. I'll take them! The rest of us will go on the slow boat at 12:00 …yep…2 1/2 hours. Although this sounds easy…it was not because EVERYONE else who was not on a boat the previous 2 days also wanted to go on this boat. And to top it off the people on the fast ferry which was canceled prior to the 12:00 where placed at the front of the line. So…we stood in line in the rain/mist and waited for the 2:45 Traditional Ferry. Let me also tell you we had, Daisy our dog with us who does not do well around other dogs and everyone brings their dogs so you can imagine how many dogs are in line as well. George was a good sport and kept Daisy happy with walks and trips to the car and naps! It's a dog's life:)


I will now skip to the part of the weekend we had planned to enjoy! Bowen met us at the ferry to take us home to dress for the wonderful dinner we had scheduled at Straight Wharf. Now, this makes it all worth it!!!


Sunday morning half our group was already heading home, so quick… but mission accomplished, we met enjoyed each other's company and the island! 

I still had not made it to Something Natural our FAVORITE sandwich shop and the thing I always LOOKed forward to each season with my three. Thankfully everyone wanted to go for lunch. In my happy place with people, I love who could as for more in life! 

We had a wonderful afternoon traveling around the island to the Cisco Brewery, Cisco Beach and town before everyone else boarded the ferry to head back to their daily lives. 


George, Daisy and I get to enjoy a few more days on the island and I LOOK forward to when we can all be together again!


Originally published at https://www.thelookbookhunt.com/ on October 14, 2019.




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