Ghost Briefing: What’s Happening in Social – Week ending in July 7

Facebook is assembling a board to help with content decisions. This is probably related to the flak the platform has been getting regarding the kind of content it chooses to remove (or not).

Have you been seeing those little ‘top fan’ banners over comments recently? Pages can start doling out this new honor now, and will be able to target posts towards top fans only.

Lastly, some algorithm tweaks will be limiting ads and posts making health claims that Facebook deems false or misleading. We all know that algorithms are fickle beasts, so there is the risk that this change may end up harming the reach of innocuous health-related content too.

Next, Twitter is going to be adding new contextual information to profiles in search results, such as mutual follows and recent tweets. This could mean some increased visibility for brands that are posting relevant content. (Showing people what they’re searching for – what a concept!)

Also, warning labels are going to start popping up for controversial tweets from high-profile accounts (*coughlikegovernmentofficialscough*) instead of the content being removed for violating Twitter’s guidelines. 

Last but not least, Instagram will be implementing a new ‘join chat’ sticker for Stories. When clicked, the user who posted the story will get a request that they can approve to add others to a group DM.

Other useful tidbits of news:

  • LinkedIn will be allowing users to retarget people who have previously interacted with past ads.
  • Reach estimates for Custom Audiences are coming back to Facebook.
  • Instagram is adding country targeting and restrictions for Stories.

Hope everybody had a happy 4th! See you next week!

Originally published at on July 5, 2019.




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