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Blink your eyes.

In that one second, 9,000 snaps were shared by Snapchat users—54% of which engage with the app daily.

For marketers, it should come as no surprise that using Snapchat for business is definitely a “thing”.

Not too long ago, Snapchat was just another messenger app used by tweens and a few curious marketing pros.

And then, everything seemed to change—virtually overnight.

The Snapchat experience is so alluring that it became popular in nearly every demographic in one short year.

It’s clear from the statistics that the audiences are active and engaged.

Snapchat provides the following data about its platform:

  • 8+ billion video views per day
  • Over 100 million daily active users
  • Over 60% of U.S 13-34-year-old
    smartphone users are on Snapchat

The idea of having your own daily reality show is enticing, isn’t it?

As this social network evolved, creative Influencers and Artists took to Snapchat in record time.

However, it wasn’t until mid-2016 that brands really started to leverage the power of Snapchat’s growing platform.


Simply put, great marketing is all about storytelling—to help nurture and develop meaningful relationships with an audience.

The highly engaging, behind-the-scenes style of Snapchat is perfect for engaging your social community.

Take note, that it does require unique content that differs from platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Snapchat effectiveness relies on telling an excellent story.

This social channel’s most successful users tell stories through a raw, mostly unedited first-person lens.

A business aiming to thrive on Snapchat can utilize the storytelling capability to humanize their brand.

Knowing this, how will you fully leverage the benefits of using Snapchat for business this year?

Snapchat for Beginners: Current Features

Before diving into the whys and hows of using Snapchat for business, you’ll want to understand its two main functions:

  • Chatting
  • Stories


As a messenger-based app, Snapchat’s chat function is a huge piece of its allure. Chatting in Snapchat can be done in a series of ways:


When the recipient of your text opens the chat, they will be able to read your message.

Once they close your chat, the message disappears.

How do you save a Snapchat?

There is an option to save texts by swiping right. Otherwise, they’re gone forever.

Snapchat’s Pro Tip: “Add a fun twist to your Chats with text styles like bold, underline, and italics. Just press and hold to select a piece of text, and choose a styling option!”


The ability to “Snap” a picture of something and draw or write on it to your heart’s content is half the fun.

The other half is knowing once your recipient opens it, it disappears.

Snap images can live up to 10 seconds. When time’s up, the image vanishes.

Snapchat introduced a replay feature allowing you to hold down the previously viewed image and see it once more.

Keep in mind that someone can screenshot an image or video anytime. Snapchat tells the sender when this occurs.


Like image messages, users can shoot up to 10 seconds of video, mark it up, then send it out. Once received and viewed, the video will disappear.

Also like Image Messages, the option to replay once is available. While other users can’t record the entire snap, they can screenshot a frame, and Snapchat will tell the sender if this occurs as well.

Snapchat’s Pro Tip: “You can also use Lenses in a video chat! Just tap your face to get started.”


When viewing a Snapchat users’ Story (more on those in a bit), the option to reply via chat hovers at the bottom of the screen.

Swiping up gives you the option to type a response to whatever you’re seeing.

Snapchat will send the reply to the user along with the image or video to which it refers.


With Group Chats, you can communicate with up to 16 friends at once. These messages are deleted by default after 24 hours.

Starting a group chat is easy. Open the Chat screen and select the New Chat icon. Choose your group mates, and select Chat. Remember, you can only add people to a group if you’re both friends!

To make it extra simple to use group chat, Snapchat makes the feature available when you’re sending a new snap as well.

Snapchat’s Pro Tip: “You can change the Friend Emoji that appears next to all of your groups in Snapchat settings > Manage Preferences > Friend Emojis.”


Snapchat added a live chat feature allowing users to video call with each other. Like FaceTime or Skype, this feature makes it possible to have a live two-way conversation on your device.


A Snapchat story is a compilation of photos and videos your post to your feed, also called “My Story”. Stories are visible to all of your followers unless privacy settings are modified.

Take a look at some big brands using Snapchat stories:

Unlike Facebook or Instagram where profiles are public, Snapchat requires users to follow an account if they want to see a user’s story.

To view the stories uploaded by your Snapchat connections, select the purple icon on the lower right of the screen.

Your friends’ stories appear under “Recent Updates” ordered by whoever uploaded the most recent snap.

Stories live for only 24 hours.

During that 24-hour period, the stories can be viewed as often as a viewer likes.

After 24 hours passes, the story disappears.

Like the poster, you have an option to download your story should you want to keep it. No one else can download your story.

Additional privacy settings allow you to select who exactly can view your stories and how long they last.

To post a story, simply snap a photo or video and upload it to the “My Story” option located at the top of the “Send To…” Screen.

You’ll find that Snapchat for small businesses is very successful when using the Stories feature.


Originally published at Aliste Marketing on September 10, 2020.

*Image by MrJayW from Pixabay 



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