How to Write Emails that Don't Suck

People ask me often if they should be sending emails, how frequently, and what to include.

There are a number of ways to answer this question, because, like with so many things...


This blog shares some email do's and don'ts with you! Please note, I am a work in progress and learning right alongside you! An additional caveat: this is what I personally have seen working for myself and clients whom I serve. There is no ONE answer or one-size-fits-all :) 

1. DO Lead with Value 

- We hear that a lot in the business world, but what does it actually MEAN? Let's boil it down and make it easy. Close your eyes and ask yourself what your readers really need right now? Do they need inspiration? Education? Connection? Something else? How can what you are sending them to meet those needs? 

2. DON'T Always Be Selling 

- Raise your hand if you like to feel that you're being sold to? Oh, weird. No hands are raised. Your audience doesn't like that either. Use your emails to build relationships, position yourself as a resource, show you care and understand your people! By all means, share your products and services but demonstrate how it adds value to them.

3. DO Give a Call-to-Action or Ask 

- What action do you want them to take after reading your email? Do you want to offer a download, pose a question and get their responses to it? Have them click to sign up for your next Mastermind? Get involved in something you have coming up? Don't forget the call to action or ask! 

4. DO Keep Trying and Don't Give Up! 

Email marketing is a whole lot of trial and error. Testing and re-testing. Showing up in someone's inbox is a privilege and not to be taken lightly! You are given a chance to essentially talk one-to-one with each and every person that opens your email. Pay attention to your numbers, who is reading, and what they are clicking on and replying to. Learn, grow, pivot, and 

Keep Going!

If you want to see how I break down these tips into bigger and juicier conversations, make sure to follow She Built This and find my past posts where I share some of these tips in greater details. Let’s chat about what is working for you and what's not, and learn from each other! 

I invite you to email me for some ideas on what might make a good structure or provide value to your audience or just because you want to say hi :)


Originally published at EmilyAborn.Com on July 29,2020.

*Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay 


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