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Taking the First step towards Financial Literacy

by Neha Misra on

Demystifying jargon related to Finance... Read full article

Fearlessness as a Daily Practice


Devon helps her clients make clear, confident decisions about their mid-career pivot, including easing the transition into leadership roles.... Read full article

BeOUTSTANDING: How to Ignite your Personal Brand


Her mission is to enable professionals to move from ordinary to extraordinary through meaningful transformation by expanding their potential, embrace their purpose, ignite their brand, and thrive through personal empowerment.... Read full article

Why Financial Literacy??


Ever wondered why sometimes, subconsciously we overlook or ignore business news or financial jargon simply thinking they're too complicated to understand. ... Read full article

Grow and Sell Globally Through Your Website


When choosing a translation and interpretation agency, you’re not just selecting a language. You need a partner that understands your goals and guides you on how to align your organization's strategy with your multilingual communications.... Read full article

Teaching Responsibility: 3 Dos and 3 Don’ts for teaching responsibility to your child

by Kristina Campos on

Teaching Responsibility: 3 Dos and 3 Don’ts for teaching responsibility to your child ... Read full article

Why Is Trusting My Child So Difficult?

by Kristina Campos on

Why Is Trusting My Child So Difficult? The impactful Parent discusses how your own fears can get in the way of trusting your child. ... Read full article

Go Ahead: Be Bored and Do Chaos


In this time of new experiences, lean into them to help you move forward.... Read full article

Setting Up Your Remote Office


Setting Up Your Remote Office So now you’re working remotely! All because of the COVID-19 outbreak.... Read full article

Why Are Women Physicians Burned Out? The Answer Will Help Us All


Rates of burnout are higher among women physicians. Here are five reasons why. Understanding the causes can point us to solutions for everyone.... Read full article