Introduction to Four Pillars to Permanent Change

People love to preach the fortune cookies. I’m not doing that today. Did you know that we live most of our lives in an unconscious state? 95% of our daily lives are spent doing the same things, over and over again. Routines that allow us to go about our day unaware. I’m speaking to you today about going inside and how to awaken. It starts with the journey inside of you. Understanding behavior and behavior change. How do you start?

Our actions and behaviors are external for the most part. We can go a lifetime without actually feeling/seeing our true selves.

Do you set goals? Do you exercise? Do you eat well? Or not…..

Things you can see in the real world….

You can monitor your goals…you can see when/, if you go to the gym….you, know the foods you eat.

Our actions and behaviors are actually driven by the immaterial.

Today, we’re playing with the idea that we don’t want to get amped up. We don’t want to play in our sympathetic nervous system. We will begin the understanding of drivers over behaviors. When we understand that the driver matters most, we accept where we are, we become aware of our non-connection to our driver, we take action to change and we allow ourselves to adapt to our new driver…

Until we understand that the unconscious mind is the engine, nothing will change in our world and our actions will revert to the same.

Here are THE FOUR simple steps to change your life, from the inside out.

Pillar #1 – Count Your Wins

The human brain is conditioned to be more negative and focus on problems. Every time you count losses or focus on problems, it has massive implications on your subconscious.

If you change the synapses of your brain, and your perspective of the world and yourself, you change your world and literally create your own future.


Pillar #2 Learn Your Language

The process of uncovering and understanding the language you use that keeps you stuck. It’s bringing the unconscious to the conscious. It’s becoming AWARE. From awareness, you can become accountable and then adaptable. You self-sabotage because your unconscious is set to a negative place where you’re acting and behaving to self-sabotage.


Pillar #3 – Imagine Your Outcome

Fear and worry are the worst uses of your imagination. Yet most people are afraid of things that haven’t happened yet. When you feel like this you send a vision to your unconscious and re-confirming a story it knows or creating a horrible story from which your action's thoughts and behavior will stem.

The human imagination is one of the most powerful forces on the planet, because it conditions your unconscious programming, and thus your actions and habits.

Use it for good!

Pillar #4 – Review Your Direction

Tell your mind where you’re going and why, so you aren’t deviated by negative language and not distracted by negative behaviors.

I’ll be breaking these pillars down in more detail in future articles. Can’t wait? Schedule a session with me today.



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