LOOKing at creating a book for Old Sturbridge Village

Fall in New England reminds me of childhood and a trip to Old Sturbridge Village. As a child, I remember taking the bus with my class and seeing the man making shoes for the horses and walking around on the dirt path. As an adult and a Mom, I remember when my son Bowen was in 3rd grade I was the lucky Mom who was chosen to be the chaperone. This is very funny because his third-grade teacher was my first-grade teacher, and she was fantastic each time!!! I was going on a field trip with my teacher and my son's teacher all at once! I will say as a parent the bus ride did seem a little longer!

Now as an adult with grown children I decided it was time to go again. This time in a different capacity as an author and business owner taking pictures for The LOOK Book, Old Sturbridge Village. This time, however, I drove my own car, paid for my own ticket and walked about at my own leisure! I was surprised at how my memory of OSV had LOOKed in my mind. The question I have is ....has it changed extensively OR do I just not remember??? I am not sure I will ever really know…but either way, I could tell they have done a great deal to enhance the visitor experience.

The collections are extensive and quite interesting, we only planned a few hours to enjoy OSV. I wanted to get a feel for what was important and interesting to children, I will need to go back to really enjoy everything.

As we wandered about we heard gunfire and saw smoke and a crowd of people watching something...we headed over and found a marksman taking target practice. Take a LOOK at the video below. Clearly these men are enjoying their day and entertaining the visitors with history and jokes:)

Our favorite stop was the Tin Shop. George had several questions that encouraged the shop owner to do a wonderful demonstration of putting pieces of tin together. I did a video so you could see it too!

It was a wonderful day spent at OSV reminiscing, strolling and sipping hot chocolate on a crisp New England fall day! We topped off the day by stopping at a local pub for french onion soup and an adult beverage. 

Originally published at https://www.thelookbookhunt.com/ on November 4, 2019.




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