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Real Life Wonder Women: On the Battlefield of Business


I love TV, movies and most things popular culture, and I love the learning that I can glean and apply to business and life. Enter the latest entry to our cultural discourse, Wonder Woman.... Read full article

Staying Efficient and Engaged Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak

by Margo Crawford on

In speaking with colleagues and clients across the country many of them are having trouble focusing. They get pulled into the latest news, into zoom meetings and in helping with childcare. Here's how you can stay focused and efficient. ... Read full article

Leadership Lessons from my Father – Lesson #2


For as long as I can remember, the Fourth of July holiday weekend was a celebration filled with family, friends, patriotic parades, killer cookouts, raucous bocce matches, and magnificent fireworks over the harbor. ... Read full article

How to Write Emails that Don't Suck

by Emily Aborn on

People ask me often if they should be sending emails, how frequently, and what to include. There are a number of ways to answer this question, because, like with so many things...... Read full article

Challenges of Forging Individuals Into a Team


How does a sense of team emerge where the whole is prioritized over the individual, especially in Western cultures where the emphasis is on the individual?... Read full article

Leadership Lessons from my Father


He was well known for little sayings that would often bring an eye roll from me and my younger brother. But as I grew older, I came to recognize these were words of wisdom.... Read full article

Let's Lead with Empathy

by Ilhiana Rojas Saldana on

In times of disruption, leading with empathy will be critical to guide and support our teams to overcome challenges and help them reach their goals. Let's lead with empathy...... Read full article

Expert Productivity Advice Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak

by Margo Crawford on

Expert Advice to Make Your Work Day Productive... Read full article

Leadership Now: How to Manage this Sh$t?


Disruption. Distraction. Depression. What are you supposed to do? How do you keep your business going, your team engaged, and your sanity?... Read full article

Five Traits of Highly Effective Leaders


When I reflect and ask myself “what are the common qualities that I’ve seen over the years in highly effective leaders,” several things immediately come to mind.... Read full article