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Loss of Trademark Rights: Causes and Prevention Tips


Many people think that a trademark is nothing more than a symbol attached to a brand. Contrary to popular belief, a trademark isn’t just a logo.... Read full article



With so many entrepreneurs today trying to establish their own businesses, protecting your own has never been more important. ... Read full article

Finally Resolving Trauma


In this episode, Carol and her guest, Helen McConnell, discuss misconceptions about trauma and how trauma begins. ... Read full article

How to Create a Winning Job Search Strategy for 2020


Every four years, jobs make big changes. Sometimes jobs become obsolete through automation and positions are completely removed from company rosters. ... Read full article

Behind the Scenes: Small Business Finances (Part II)


I get a lot of questions about the best tax deductions to take, whether or not to be an LLC or an S-Corp, and what budgeting formula is the most likely to succeed. But the question I get asked the most is what systems and tools are the best for small... Read full article

How to DIY Your Bookkeeping


So you’ve started a business but you’re struggling to keep up with the “money stuff”. Maybe you’ve thought about hiring a bookkeeper but can’t afford it right now. ... Read full article

Apply for a Massachusetts STEP Grant


Rapport International is a proud supporter of the STEP Grant program, which provides funds to encourage small businesses to expand into foreign markets.  Applications are being accepted by the Massachusetts Export Center until September 30, 2019.... Read full article

Considerations for Translating Videos

by Wendy Pease on

Last week I got together with a friend of mine, Jay Dobek, who is the owner of Last Minute Productions where they create compelling video stories. They’re a well-known company here around Massachusetts as they do a great job.... Read full article

Don’t Wing It. | Why Your Ecommerce Store Needs a Marketing Plan


So you came up with a great idea. You’re going to sell t-shirts that you design online. You signed up for Shopify and built a website. You found a supplier and printer. You created a few designs. You even bought an LLC to make it official. ... Read full article

26 Marketing & PR Tips to Get Attention [Six-Month Strategy]


A while back, I created a weekly plan of the best PR practices to follow to promote your brand. ... Read full article