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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Push Past the Million-Dollar Mark


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Top 30 Body Language Tips for Great Presentations


You have seven seconds. Studies found that first impressions matter a lot, people will have largely formed their opinion about you based on the first several seconds of watching your talk, so make sure your intro counts.... Read full article

How to Write a Winning Press Release


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How to Polish Your Pitch + Connect with Ideal Clients (7 Templates, Examples)


Imagine how you’d feel if your elevator pitch expressed exactly what you want potential clients to know about how you help them. Would you feel more confident? On fire? Yes!... Read full article

3 Simple Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is without a doubt the most effective platform for driving targeted leads, and it all starts with your profile – the first impression people have of you. It is essentially an “about me” web page, where you can attract your target audience an... Read full article

Lessons Learned at HubSpot’s Inbound 2019


If you are involved in or even interested in demand generation you know it’s easy to “geek out” on the topic with so many innovations and case studies in B2B. If you’re like us, one of the best places to “geek out” and truly make your head explode is... Read full article

Three Tips on How to Stand Out at Networking Events


Networking events have increasingly become an important aspect of marketing and building business relationships. Networking creates connections and opportunities that are important for success and growth. ... Read full article

How to Explain Your Business to Others Effectively


If you struggle to explain exactly what service you offer your clients, you’re not alone. When presented with a situation in which they have to describe exactly what services/products they provide, many people find themselves at a loss for words. Of ... Read full article

Unleash Your Grit, Dump Your Salesy Feelings, and Grow Your Business Now!

by Cynthia Trevino on

Feeling salesy when attracting clients, is the dark cloud looming over being-your-own-boss for many women. Myself included, when I started out. In this post I share 4 key tips to help you focus on your ideal clients when marketing and networking. ... Read full article