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5 Impact Themes That Blossomed in 2020


Impact in 2020. Well didn’t go quite as planned, did it? The year will forever be defined by the major crises that affected us all, made us think, made us change our ways. ... Read full article

How to Know if an Online Dating Site is Safe


The short answer is: NONE OF THE DATING SITES ARE SAFE… and 100% of them could be extremely dangerous. ... Read full article

Attracting The Energy Of Abundance


“If Everything is energy, then how do I attract more money?” I hear this question a lot.... Read full article

Recognizing Everyday Heroes on World Diabetes Day


We are the everyday people who contend with the gargantuan yet intricate task of juggling the myriad of issues and responsibilities that come along with managing this chronic condition. ... Read full article

Reach Your Goal and Stay There. Once and For All.


Why do seem to struggle year in and year out with holiday weight gain and vow that it's all going to change come January 1st? ... Read full article

Maximize Your Focus So You Can Leave Work At Work


Interruptions abound, issues with projects and even emergencies eat away at your valuable time. Here are five ways you can focus so you can have a great day at work.... Read full article

What Does It Mean To Be “Coachable”?


Coachability has several factors that go into it including honesty with your coach, honesty with yourself, openness, and willingness to make a change.... Read full article

Where are you at?


We all have a story. The one we tell ourselves, the one we have lived, and the one we are in. ... Read full article

Easy to Use Evernote Templates

by Margo Crawford on

A hidden gem of Evernote is their templates. These premade forms were created so you don’t have to spend hours making your own checklists and templates. Evernote breaks down areas of life into collections for work, school and life in general.... Read full article

Increasing Certainty and Connection When your Team Feels Anxious


As a senior or mid-level leader, the COVID19 pandemic is truly challenging their ability to lead. We are all working remote and there are so many unknowns and fears. ... Read full article