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The 3 Most Common Obstacles Women 40+ Face When They Begin To Pursue What They Really Want


Many women stay stuck in unfulfilling jobs and roles due to these common obstacles.... Read full article

How to Reignite Your Life's Work in Uncertain Times


How to Reignite Your LIfe's Work in Uncertain Times helps women recognize the path forward is not the same as the path that brought you here. Uncertain times requires a look inward, a self-assessment that's going to reveal your "why" or "purpose".... Read full article

Stay True To Your Mission and Vision


Are you forsaking authenticity for opportunity? What do you REALLY want to be doing? What lights you up? We’ve found clarity using three simple questions and my hope here is that you will too. ... Read full article

Love Your LinkedIn


Do you love your LinkedIn? Is your headline memorable? Do you have a sense of pride when you look at your profile? If you do one thing today, take a look at your LinkedIn headline. And make sure it's memorable.... Read full article

Podcast Pitching: How To Pitch Yourself and Land Interviews


Michelle has found her passion in helping podcasters grow their businesses and audiences. ... Read full article

3 Ways to Make Self Care a Ritual

by Kelley Connors on

How to make self care a part of your life for women leaders... Read full article

How ‘whisper networks’ can help you leverage negotiating and your career


How ‘whisper networks’ can help you leverage negotiating and your career... Read full article

Facebook: Your One Stop Marketing Shop


Don’t know where to start with Facebook? Don’t know how to use Facebook to grow your business? Minessa Konecky will give you three (3) techniques to consistently attract new customers to your Facebook page.... Read full article

This new decade, how will you amplify and elevate your voice?


My personal goal for the new year is to cultivate more silence and space. Silence manifests when I listen to less podcasts and take quiet time whenever I can get it. But taking space is trickier. ... Read full article

In this new decade, how will your voice be heard?


I’m big on New Year's intentions (the wonderful Ann Shoket describes it not as your goal but as a mantra that helps you work towards your goal through the year).... Read full article