Soul Speak for Frontliners

You chose to come onto this planet and become human. You breathe into your life magic, light and joy.

Just watch the babies, watch the children. Life for them is nothing more than seeing what’s right in front of them.

Life could be the same for us. We have the innate ability to remain the cosmic three year old, but no one does that. We insist on putting value on ego driven “successes”. Honestly, when was the last time you sat still and ‘heard’ your soul speak to you? Your ‘soul speak’. For some humans, they have never experienced the absolute bliss of being here, being now and being in communion with the soul energy that is universal and universally free from judgment and false beliefs.

Kids hear their soul speak all the time. And they get yelled at for it. Don’t yet…don’t run….don’t jump…you’ll get hurt…be quiet..This goes on until they begin to believe they are ‘less than’. They must be so because they make their parents and authority figures angry, sad, and disappointed. That is how they (we) grow up. Thinking we need to be something other than what we came into this place of being to be. And the story goes on and on…and it is truly just a story.

But soul speak doesn’t ever go away. It cannot be silenced. It makes itself heard by symptoms in the human body, the ball of energy that yearns to be connected to all that is. Because our mind has disconnected, soul speak tries to bring us back with symptoms: disease, fatigue, anger, depression, violence, insecurity just to name a few. Trying to find its way to the surface of our understanding so that we can re-connect.

Some folks get it. The psychics, motivational peeps, spiritual gurus and seekers. What do they have that we don’t have? Not a thing. Except maybe the willingness to sit in the silence, challenging themselves to hear the soul speak and to listen, however fearful it may seem. They sit in the silence and let that small, still voice lead them, guide them to a life that may not look like success, but they know it is, because they feel the peace and freedom in the depth of themselves. They can soul speak too. They struggle to understand, and in moments of clarity, they stop struggling and let go and then they hear the most beautiful voice of all. Their own soul speak. All is here. All is well. You have already the answers to all your questions. There is no need for struggle except the one you fabricate for the sake of ego and to give your human existence a ‘reason to be here’. When, in fact, the only reason you came here was to experience joy and magic.

As I write this, I am asking myself, how can this be true? As I write I feel that my life has no meaning, it is a random potpourri of atoms and molecules and it’s useless, really.

And then I remember the words of one human being today who came to me, took my hand and said, “I am blessed to have you in my life. You have made a difference.” And, in that moment, I’m a cosmic three year old and my soul speak laughs and I soar high.

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