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Planning For Technology Continuity In Your Startup


Sometimes lead developers disappear, your technical cofounders leave, and dev shops go out of business — don’t be left holding half a product and mysterious assets with no momentum.... Read full article

Building Your Business With Trademarks and Copyrights


From a young age, she knew it was possible for entrepreneurs, especially single moms, to build a successful business their way.... Read full article

Are you Ready to Sell to Gen Z?


There has been so much written about the Millennials that I’m afraid we aren’t getting ready for Gen Z. They have hit the workforce and although probably not decision makers yet, they are individual contributors and their opinion matters. ... Read full article

Customer Churn Starts at Implementation


The most dangerous time in the Customer’s Journey is after the deal has been signed and before First Value Delivered (FVD) has been realized... Implementation!... Read full article

Why NOT to Use the Google Translate Plug-In on Your Website


Using the Google Translate plugin on your website may seem like a good idea - it’s simple to install, it’s free, it requires minimal effort on your part, etc. But remember the old adage of “you get what you pay for”! ... Read full article

Considerations for Translating Videos

by Wendy Pease on

Last week I got together with a friend of mine, Jay Dobek, who is the owner of Last Minute Productions where they create compelling video stories. They’re a well-known company here around Massachusetts as they do a great job.... Read full article

Apply for a Massachusetts STEP Grant


Rapport International is a proud supporter of the STEP Grant program, which provides funds to encourage small businesses to expand into foreign markets.  Applications are being accepted by the Massachusetts Export Center until September 30, 2019.... Read full article

Foreign Language Desktop Publishing Explained


You've got a brochure in English and now you need it in another language. It's easy to do, right? Maybe not as easy as you’d think.... Read full article

Assessing The Quality Of Translations - A Checklist


Ever wonder if that translation you paid for is as good as it should be?  In today’s global economy, obtaining accurate, consistent and timely translations in multiple languages is of the utmost importance.  ... Read full article

4 Reasons You Need a Blog for Your Small Business Website


It’s Tuesday. Blog day. You stare at it on your calendar. You block out two hours a week, and you always dread those two hours. Do you really need a blog on your website? Is anyone reading it? What’s the point? ... Read full article