The 3 Most Common Obstacles Women 40+ Face When They Begin To Pursue What They Really Want

Many women stay stuck in unfulfilling jobs and roles due to these common obstacles. If they are not aware of what is holding them back or they don’t know what to do to get around or through these obstacles, they will never move forward and will continue to feel dissatisfaction with their lives and never fulfill their greatest purpose. Then the world will be deprived of their gifts!

Bust through the Fear:

Fear of the unknown, fear that you’re too old, and fear that you’re inadequate, and on and on the list goes. Challenge those fears by facing them head-on. Look for the evidence that they are not the truth. Most of the things we fear never happen. Fear is usually future-focused and since the future has not happened yet, the things we fear are not real. Bring yourself back into the present moment and look at what you have now. Build on that and start taking small steps into the unknown. You’ll see amazing things begin to happen and align with what you are stepping into. Fear paralyzes us, but action propels us. Taking even the smallest step can break the hold that fear has on you. 

Lack of knowledge or experience:

Do some research, find webinars, books, classes, and videos to learn what you need to learn. If you want to start a business, look for mentors through the Small Business Administration ( and your local chapter of SCORE. You can take classes at your local community college and there are tons of online platforms where you can learn whatever you need for a minimal cost. You can find books and videos on any topic as well. Consider hiring a coach.


Can I really do this? Do I have what it takes? Look for the evidence in your list of strengths, successes, and past accomplishments. Do some research and find stories of other women who have created success for themselves after 40 or 50 and study how they did it. If they did it, why not you? Focus your thoughts on what you want and on your unlimited potential, instead of on what you don’t want and on your limitations. Practice persistence and never give up! Write affirmations for yourself, written in the positive and present tense (as if they are already true) and read them aloud at least 3 times a day. Believe in yourself and in your dream!


Originally published at Emerging Life Coaching

*Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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