The Climate Change Process

Climate Change is a process that is a response to our environment over a period of time. There have been may sign letting you know that something was out of balance, or change. Yet you did not understand how your environment may change the course of history.

The climate has shifted and changed over millions of Earth’s years. Climate change is an accelerated process of change as a result of human lifestyles created from the Industrial Revolution. This revolution directed Gross Natural Product (GNP) as the business-as-usual financial infrastructure. Social norms were created as your behavior become ingrained into society.

It is important to note the GNP is dependent upon growing population numbers, manufacturing more stuff, and placing that stuff somewhere. This is not a long term viable process to sustain life on a limited amount of space; such as on Planet Earth. Only so much space is available on our planet.

There have been may sing where the Earth’s carrying capacity had been overreached. A time came when natural living systems were unable to clean-up and clear-out (bioremediate) the incredible waste created over time. The grey skies, polluted land and waterways, and terminal diseases signaled that a change in human behavior was needed to restore balance in your environment. It was a signal that it was time to restore a conscious, harmonious relationship with our natural environment.

Scientific inquiry is a process to drive understanding in the minds of curious individuals. These people attempted to model what they have developed to project what may happen in the future. The scientist joined together to create climate change models to forecast the future. What the models predicted was there was going to be an increase in the frequency and intensity of Natural Disasters that may flood major cities. The flooding of New York, Miami, Houston, New Orleans, and Corpus Cristy are examples of cities signaling that things were amiss. In January of 2020, a powerful magnitude 7.7 undersea earthquakes struck the Caribbean sea. Hurricane Dorian exploded from a Category 3 to Category 5 hurricane as a huge wall of water had disastrous impacts on the Bahamas.

Climate change modeling predicted the increase in severity and virulence of microorganisms; hence your present pandemic. Curious if anyone has been following the state of diseases over the past 10 years to discover any signs of a steady increase in diseases that are claiming human lives. Indicating an imbalance in your environment where population numbers are going down.

So what do you do about this? Please comment about what you think will help to reduce the impacts of climate change. Or comment on your ideas on what is going on with our environment.

by wiseHer expert Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD

Originally published at nature mystic on 18 July 2020.

*Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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