When The Impossible Becomes Possible in Times of Crisis What Do We Learn?

In the midst of major storm events, restoring power to hundreds of thousand of people is center stage. Assisting in that effort allowed me to witness the courage, confidence, perseverance and determination of people joined together with a common set of values, goals and sense of purpose. It was amazing and inspiring.

During this COVID-19 Pandemic, so many people are experiencing their own “storm” events in health care, manufacturing, food service, security, law enforcement, and in so many other industries and organizations.

Each day, teams of people face what seem like impossible tasks, connecting and collaborating with each other to innovate, create and use problem solving MIGHT to break down barriers, pivot and make progress towards a collective goal.

Something changes when organizations are called upon to step up in times of crisis. The connection to each other is stronger, common goals clearer, shared values underscored, sense of purpose magnified, trust amplified, safety fortified and, even in harsh environments, curiosity, engagement and innovation take hold. In these conditions, people are empowered to turn what seems impossible into possible.

As leaders in industry, what are we learning? When we turn the corner on a crisis, and the intensity begins to wane, what actions are we ready to take? Right now, is a unique opportunity for leaders to embrace their own curiosity. To take the time to discover the learnings this crisis has to offer. The learnings referenced here are related to people (not systems or processes)! What cultural habits and norms, perhaps entrenched for decades, are limiting organizations to perform at their best not just in a time of crisis but all the time. Leaders have an opportunity to answer the question “What do we need to do to create a culture of innovation, curiosity, trust and purpose everyday?”.


Culture change does not happen overnight. The first step is to acknowledge there is something to be learned and step into the space of curiosity and growth.

When the Impossible Becomes Possible In Times of Crisis What do We Learn?

What cultural habits and norms, perhaps entrenched for decades, are limiting organizations from performing at their best?

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