When You Want To Believe....

You are whole.

You are worthy.

You are enough.

You are not broken. 

You don't need fixing.

Do you believe these statements? Do you accept them as truth? Here are some potential answers:

1) Yes. 
2) No. 
3) IDK. 
4) Sometimes. 
5) It depends. 
6) I will when ______. 
7) I want to believe...

If you said yes, then YAY!  I hope you like my photo. :-)

If you answered “IDK’, then I invite you to answer these questions: 

a) What don’t you know?
b) What else do you need to decide?
c) How will you know?

If you answered sometimes or it depends, do you know what needs to be present so you can believe it? If it's anything outside of yourself, read on...

For everyone else, if you don’t believe this, no one can just tell you to believe it or believe it for you. And, if you’re wanting to do something until you are able to believe it, you may never do the thing or do it with the confidence and energy that you deserve. So… if you can’t just believe something you don’t believe, what can you do?

WHAT IF . . . you could just try on a feeling or a perspective like you do a pair of shoes? Well, you can! What might happen if you decide to inhale deeply (from your diaphragm), let it out slowly, and then give yourself permission to play a game, or try an experiment? It might look like this:


There’s a pair of shoes (or anything) that you can’t decide whether to buy because they’re very expensive, but you’ve heard great things about them and keep seeing ads for them. (ex: Rothy’s, Tieks, Frye boots, whatever…) What if someone gave you a pair in your size and said, “Here, try them for a day. You can have an audition to see how well they perform and whether they fit the part. No strings attached.” I mean, you wouldn’t say no, right? Why would you? If you like them, you could buy them. If you don’t like them, you don’t have to buy them. Nothing to lose, right? 


How about this? If you struggle to accept your inherent worthiness, try on the perspective that YOU ARE WORTHY, or whichever words resonate with you the most. Guess what?! You GOT THE PART! Now, you have to BE the character. So... go and be the character for a day, or more, and see if you notice anything shifting.


Originally published at Syndala Life Coaching on August 7, 2019.

*Image by Sabine Löwer from Pixabay 


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