Articles in Work Life Integration

How to Survive a Breakup


Having to figure out how to survive a breakup can feel heartbreaking in itself. A breakup *isn’t* the end of the world. Hell, it’s just the beginning of a new chapter!... Read full article

You’re Not A Fraud: How To Tame Imposter Syndrome With 12 Tools


Feeling like a fraud in your career? Sounds like you've got a bad case of Imposter Syndrome. Learn 12 tools for taming your fears and reclaiming your confidence.... Read full article

Where are you at?


We all have a story. The one we tell ourselves, the one we have lived, and the one we are in. ... Read full article

Easy to Use Evernote Templates

by Margo Crawford on

A hidden gem of Evernote is their templates. These premade forms were created so you don’t have to spend hours making your own checklists and templates. Evernote breaks down areas of life into collections for work, school and life in general.... Read full article

Homeschooling - First Steps

by Robin Belliveau on

"How do I start?" When it comes to homeschooling, this is probably the most asked question and the one that gets the most diverse answers. As a longtime homeschool parent of four, I am going to try to simplify it for you and end the confusion.... Read full article

Lifestyle 2021


Many of us are looking at resolutions or goal setting to re-boot or re-start our new year. During the course of the pandemic, all of our lives have changed. ... Read full article

How Coronavirus is Humanizing Corporate America


Since coronavirus hit and started adapting to working from home, it has had a very unusual side effect. It has humanized corporate America. ... Read full article

Does The Company You Work For Value Your Soul?


In the world of leadership development, we examine the million-dollar question, “What really makes leaders extraordinary?” ... Read full article

Evil Stress and How to Deal With It


Our goal is to call out harmful management & leadership practices that are damaging productivity and relationships. And to empower you with alternatives that will lead to happier and more productive teams.... Read full article

Lead with Empathy: 5 Ways to Boost Your Leadership in a Crisis


A crisis can spawn great leaps in innovation, but it can also lead to fear, a scarcity mindset and self-preservation tendencies. Long before COVID-19, we knew that poor leadership could be toxic and have disastrous side effects.... Read full article