Financial Literacy for Women: Simplifying Finance as a Way of Life


Don’t understand finance at all? Do you feel that finance is too complicated to learn? Neha Misra will help you demystify finance and make finance a part of your life. If finance is too complicated for you and you want to run away from it, we understand. In this must-see presentation, Neha will: - Simplify finance - Help you understand that finance impacts us all - How you can make finance work to your advantage You can learn more about Neha Misra at where we offer on-demand business and career advice for women to accelerate their business or careers. To schedule a call with Neha, go to About wiseHer Expert Neha Misra: Neha Misra is the Co-Founder of The Fin Lit Project. She has nearly 9 years of experience in both Technology and Finance working for corporations and startups. Her most recent stint prior to starting her own company was with the Long-Term stock exchange at Wall Street, New York with Zoran Perkov and Eric Ries. In less than 3 months of incorporation we are already in partnership with leading FinTech Startups across the globe.

Wed September 23, 2020 02:00 pm To: Wed - September 23, 2020
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