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How does the "Sign me in automatically" work?
The "Sign me in automatically" is optional, it saves your username and password on your computer and every time you access the page you will be automatically logged in.
What happens if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, please click on the 'Forgot your Password?' link of the front of the directory or on the sponsor login page. The password recovery email will be sent to the email address provided from your Contact Information. The email will contain a link which will redirect the user to the 'Manage Account' section, where the password can be updated.
How can I change my password?
After you are logged in, click on 'Account Settings' link, you will see the "Current Password" field, type your current password in this field and your new password on the fields "Password" and "Retype Password", then hit the submit button.
Why am I receiving an 'Account Locked' message?
If you attempt to access your account and type in an incorrect password 5 times the account will lock for 1 hour. This is for security reasons.
What is wiseHer?
wiseHer is global knowledge marketplace that helps women business owners and professionals overcome unique challenges on-demand through 1:1 access to thousands of executives, coaches/mentors, education and resources that accelerate business or career growth.
How does wiseHer work?
Let’s say you have a business or career challenge -- how to find keywords for my website? How do I tackle an HR issue? Or Can I get my resume reviewed? Any advice to help you move through or past that challenge. Enter wiseHer and you will see thousands of experts who are here to help you--affordably--solve these challenges and get you unstuck!
How do I schedule a call?
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 1. Sign up Signing up is easy (and FREE!). As a wiseHer member, you can request meetings with our experts, attend our webinars and events, gain access to community features and the blog, and more. And it's completely free. 2. Search for experts Members can easily find experts to help with their business challenges by using our search or simply scroll through the choices in each category. Each expert provides a headline to let you know exactly what they can help you with. 3. Schedule a call To schedule a call with an expert, simply provide a reason and three dates/times you are available for the call. You will also be asked for your time zone. On the call screen you will see the expert’s time zone populate as you select your dates/times. Then you choose either 30 minutes or 60 minutes for the call. The cost is $49 for 30 minutes and $99 for 60 minutes. You will then be asked to input your credit card. You will not get charged until after the call is completed. Experts have committed to respond within 48 hours. Experts will either confirm one of the requested times, send over new times that work better for them or decline the call. An expert may decline a call if they feel the topic is not in line with their expertise. Either party can also cancel or reschedule the call if need be.
What types of payments does wiseHer accept?
We accept all major credit cards, including VISA, mastercard, and AMEX. All payments are in U.S. dollars using Stripe.
Call Confirmations
Once the expert accepts a requested date and time, a confirmation is sent to both parties via email and SMS with a conference line phone number and access code they'll use to call into. We will send emails and text messages to the number you provided when signing up. You will be notified of system, messages, and meeting updates.
Connect and talk
At the confirmed date and time, both of you will call the conference line and access code to connect over the phone (so the call isn't with your personal phone number). All calls are recorded, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes. Members can leave a rating and review for the expert. The payment will then be sent to the expert or if the expert is donating their fees to charity, the fee goes into a separate account and then divvied up at the end of the year to our charity partners. Also, remember that a portion of the call fee is also allocated to the wiseHer grant fund--given to women-led businesses and corporate education for women. It could be YOU!
The wiseHer Conference Line
Once a call is confirmed, we create a conference line and for the countries listed below, we offer a free local number to avoid long distance fees. If the number isn't listed, then you can use Skype or another free VOIP solution to call into the conference line, but some users have reported delays in the voice responses due to this approach, so it's not suggested if it can be avoided.
Carrier Charges
Trust and safety within our community is our highest priority. wiseHer calls are recorded for the convenience of the member and may be temporarily monitored for quality assurance purposes and to ensure that community regulations are upheld. We will never share your call recordings publicly. We don't ask users to sign a non-disclosure agreement (nor do we suggest that you do), but we do ask that they disclose any conflict of interest during the call if they feel like their may be one.
How do I Sign Up to Use wiseHer
If you're looking for tactical, practical business advice, this is where you want to be. To be able to schedule a call with an expert on wiseHer, you'll need to sign up as a member. As a wiseHer member you can also attend our webinars and events, gain access to community features and the blog, and more. It's completely free, and you can use your email to sign up here. As soon as join, you can start searching our global community of thousands of experts and make your first call request.
How can a member view their transactions?
Members can see transaction history on the members dashboard page.
Is my contact information kept private?
All calls and messages are made through the wiseHer platform. Members and Experts will not receive the other parties personal contact details, unless they are mutually shared during a call. Your contact information is only utilized for correspondence and notifications between you and the platform only. We do not give or sell your data to any third party companies (without your express permission).
What if I can’t find the expert that I need?
wiseHer will soon boast thousands of subject-matter experts right at your fingertips. We are adding dozens of new experts everyday, and our reach is across industries and borders. If you are having any trouble finding the perfect expert, please contact us at info at wiseHer dot com
Can members and experts pitch investors on wiseHer?
wiseHer has experts from the angel and venture capital communities; however, pitching these individuals is not the mission of the platform. Feel free to ask them for advice on your business and funding strategy, but please do not ask our experts for financial investments. If a member is reported pitching to experts, they may be banned from the platform.
Are there guidelines or rules of conduct on wiseHer?
The wiseHer team is committed to providing a safe, diverse network for women (and men) to get the advice they need to go farther, faster. With that in mind, here are a few community guidelines to keep in mind while interacting on wiseHer. We ask that all users (experts and members) read and follow these guidelines to ensure that their account isn't at risk of being suspended or removed.
Our experts are here to help you.
Every expert on our platform is giving their time away for a very reduced rate because they want to HELP. We are all on the same team. That said if you are not satisfied with the level of service from any expert you can reach out to us at support at wiseHer dot com. All calls are recorded for quality purposes and we can review it together and resolve any conflicts if they arise.
Be on time
wiseHer’s CEO is a sales professional and her motto is “if you’re not early, you’re late”. You can dial in 5 minutes before the call. Everyone is here to help you, please be respectful of their time.
No recruiting policy
Many wiseHer experts are professionals, coaches and consultants who offer services. When the call is finished, they will ask if they have answered your questions in full if so, they are then allowed to offer their services. You are under no obligation to do anything further with them unless you are interested. On the flip side, don’t try to recruit experts for any of your services, network marketing teams, etc.
What if I don’t use all the time/go over time?
Our calls are set in 30/60 minute blocks. We’ve never known anyone to use less time if they come prepared for the call. Make sure you have all the questions you want answered to make sure you get the most out of the time. Unlike other pay for advice sites we do not charge by the minute so if you go over a couple of minutes, that is fine. We may revisit this policy if we see it’s being abused (we pay per minute for our conference services) but for now, we want you to be able to make the most of the opportunity. Experts though have a limited time and they may remind you, we have 5 minutes left, or something like that, that is a totally acceptable best practice.
Be Prepared
Whether you’re the advice giver or receiver, being prepared will help you both get the most out of the call. For experts: Clients fill out a form that let you know exactly what their challenge is, so please read it fully. For the wiseHer client: Make sure you are prepped as well with good questions making the most of the conversation, be very clear on what you want to achieve..
Mutual Friend-DA’s
As our mothers’ always said,” if you want a secret to stay a secret, keep it to yourself!” Our team and our experts want to support you and help you the best way we can, but we do not in any way guarantee or affirm that these conversations are legally protected or 100% confidential. Each expert will act in accordance with the limitations of their license (eg. no attorney-client privilege is afforded when speaking with one of our legal experts, no stock picks can be handed over by our financial gurus, no HIPPA compliance is implied etc.) and an expert may say they can’t get into a specific issue because of those limitations and that needs to be respected. The calls are recorded and ONLY available to you the user and our team for quality purposes. Likewise, we hope that you would respect the integrity of the experts and not share those conversations publicly either. That being said, each expert has been advised that should they be called out on a privacy issue, they will be terminated from our service.
We want you. Not your company
Some people try and create business accounts on wiseHer. That's not how we work. Our members want to know who YOU are, not your company. If you don't feel comfortable disclosing that, then we may not be a good fit. Real people and reputation is the key to making wiseHer work.
It’s not me, it’s you
We want to create the best, most affordable way to help you get unstuck. If for any reason you’re unhappy here or if as an expert you’re not being helpful, you’re just trying to sell your services, your account may be suspended or removed and we’ll wave goodbye.
How do I prepare for my call with an expert?
To make the most of your consultation with an expert, we suggest that you prepare prior to your meeting. Here are a few suggestions: Clearly Define Your Objectives What do you want to get out of the meeting? This will help ensure that you touch on all of your most pressing topics with the expert. Include a summary or bullet points of topics to be covered in the request for call. This will help the expert prepare for the meeting and maximize your time together. Preparing for your call Prior to hopping on your call, ensure that you are in a quiet location with no distractions. Open a separate document or keep a notebook to take notes. Have your questions on hand as well. Starting your conversation Beginning your meeting with a bit of small talk helps you and your expert get comfortable and build rapport; however, try not to spend too much time on small talk. We recommend getting to the meat of your conversation within five to ten minutes so you can get the most out of your experience. Watch your timing Keep an eye on your meeting clock. You will be notified by the expert as you approach the end of the window you have booked. Wrapping up your conversation We fully anticipate that you will have a fantastic experience with your expert. When concluding your meeting, we encourage you to be courteous and thank the expert for their time and attention. If you require a follow-up conversation or future progress report, be sure to mention this to the expert so that they can recommend a good time window. Following your meeting After your meeting concludes, you will be prompted to review your experience. This helps other members identify the best wiseHer experts for them and provides the feedback necessary for our experts to continually improve. If for any reason you have a less-than stellar experience, email us at info at wiseher dot com. You are always protected through our satisfaction guarantee.
Is wiseHer International?
The wiseHer community is definitely international. We've connected thousands of calls between experts and members from all around the globe. No matter where in the world you live, accessing amazing advice from the world's top experts has never been easier.
How to Sign Up as a wiseHer Expert
At this time, experts are by invitation only. Our team and a team of our “Founding Advisory Board” FAB members are the only ones who can issue invitations. wiseHer experts get paid for their advice (or they can donate their fee to our charity fund) while also building their reputation and credibility as an expert in their field. Follow the link in your Expert invitation and use the wiseHer access code provided. Be sure to review our Terms of Service & Expert Standards for further information regarding our community expectations.
All wiseHer experts can receive reviews on their services. If you are unhappy with your interactions with an expert for any reason, you can leave them a review. However, we do not allow any abusive language or communications that we deem threatening or wholly disrespectful and reserve the right to remove reviews we do not deem constructive. Every expert has the opportunity to respond to reviews. From the wiseHer team, since all calls are recorded we will listen to the call and provide our own feedback. If we do not think that the expert provided a poor experience, the review will be removed.
Expert standards
Every day, experts around the world connect and share amazing advice with members on wiseHer. The secret to being a successful expert lies in six expert standards that every great expert meets. Here are wiseHer's six standards. Accuracy and Integrity. Ensure that your profile and listing's photos, experience, accomplishments, and general description accurately reflect the advice the member will experience. Accurately and truthfully representing yourself and your accomplishments, authorships, work experience, and more on your expert profile is also expected. Be Open. Be upfront and communicative with a member about your style, how you work, and how you give feedback. People from different cultures than yours might be used to a different way to give or get feedback, and explaining to them that you are a direct person, or that you have a more gentle way of working, will help the member to get as much from you as possible. Sensitivity. People come from all different cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences. Be sensitive that someone might not be able to as easily take the career trajectory that you have taken due to discrimination based upon their sex, race, or sexual orientation. Ask lots of questions, keep an open mind, and embrace circuitous routes. Communication. Respond to all enquiries and reservation requests within 24 hours and at an absolute maximum of 72 hours. It is absolutely critical that any cancellations or adjustments are made well in advance. Availability. Respond to each request for a call by either accepting, suggesting new times or cancelling with a valid reason. Commitment. Ensure that you can commit to the member before accepting a call request. If a cancellation is unavoidable, make every effort to help the member reschedule. Welcome. Make sure that you're prepared and on-time for your call at the predetermined time. Helpful. During the call, be sure to answer the questions being asked in a clear and helpful way. Participation. Being a wiseHer expert is about joining a unique and unparalleled community of wisdom and knowledge. We want you to get to know your fellow experts, ask for and share resources, advice, and articles. You will get as much from the community as you give, and vice versa. We want you to collaborate with each other, across specialties, industries, and around the world. Please join our exclusive wiseHer Experts Facebook Group. Participating also means responding in a timely manner to requests for information from the wiseHer team and answering surveys, as these are critical to creating the best experience for you. The community is designed to be inspiring, innovative, and connective. Join us.
How do I take a call request?
You can start taking calls from members as soon as your wiseHer profile is complete. When a member submits a call request with you, it's easy to schedule, reschedule, cancel or connect with the member. Here's how it's done: You can accept a scheduled time. It's great when a requested call from a member also works for you. To accept a call, follow the link in your call request email. You can reschedule the call Sometimes, the member's request dates/times won't work for you. Not to worry, you can request different times with them and go back and forth until you reach one that works for both of you. To reschedule a call, follow the reschedule link in the call request. You can cancel the call Sometimes, for whatever reason, you won't be able to take the call at all. Not the most ideal situation, but you can cancel the call outright (just keep in mind that the more calls you cancel, the more you'll drop in the wiseHer search rankings and may even put your account at risk of being deleted. To cancel a call, follow the cancel link in the call request.
How do I create a great profile?
Showcasing your expertise is essential in making you stand out and having members reach out to you. We'd like to give you 6 quick tips to help you make your profile awesome. 1. Friendly Profile Photo Having a high quality casual but professional profile image is very important. Having a friendly photo of yourself in your profile helps create trust and shows that you are a real person that we can talk to. 2. Add your Areas of Expertise Listing the various areas of expertise you're able to help someone with is very important. Great listing titles include not only the keywords they would use in a search (Eg: SEO, Social Media, Raising Capital, Manufacturing) but it should also include benefits & details. (eg: SEO for small businesses or Executive level coaching for rising leaders, Seed fundraising tips for first time entrepreneurs). List your relevant accomplishments in this area and the benefits they're likely to receive from your call. Adding a personal photo that re-enforces the expertise is a great way to get more call requests. 3. Connect social accounts Connecting your social accounts can help you by pulling in information from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube to your profile. 4. Complete your short and long description Members looking for advice want to know more about you so add a short description that comes up in the main search area and a long description that is populated once someone clicks into your profile. This lets them know more about you and your expertise and why they should schedule a call with YOU. 5. Add relevant keywords People will come to wiseHer and search for keywords on expertise to narrow down the list. Make sure you have all of the relevant keywords so people can find you quickly. 6. Add a “meet me” video It’s a :30 “how I can help you” video that helps visitors get to know you a little bit and we share the videos on our Youtube channel!
How do I promote my profile?
To optimize your listing for wiseHer’s internal search, as well as for major search engines like Google and Bing, make sure to do the following: 1. Include potential search terms in your title and description Think about how people search for expertise. Help with Social Media marketing might include words like Twitter, Instagram, Social Strategy, etc. Mention any companies or past clients that you've worked with. Include detailed descriptions of your accomplishments and related tools & techniques you might use. 2. Complete each section of your wiseHer profile Utilize all of the fields available to manage your listing and profile. Be as descriptive as possible as to your accomplishments, background and expertise. High quality photos are extremely important. In addition, a 30 second ‘meet me’ video helps members determine if your the best fit. 3. Use social media and the Web Make sure to "tweet", "like" and "share" your profile, and don't be shy asking your friends to help! Get your listing's URL from the address bar on your public page. If you or your friends have websites, be sure to provide the link there. Relevant links to your listing from other websites can help you rank higher in major search engines. Make sure to list your expertise on LinkedIn, Yelp, your blog, and all other social media presences. Earn 5-Star reviews and testimonials so that new clients can feel rest assured that they will have a fantastic experience. 4. Favorite Your Profile Favorites are a simple way to save and share profiles with colleagues and friends. Be sure to have your friends favorite your profile and listings, and share them publicly through social channels. 5. Add your “wiseHer Expert” widget to your website Every expert has a blog widget/backlink that they can add to their personal or company website. Doing so will promote your profile to any of your visitors and encourage them to request a call. 6. Build your reputation Using wiseHer to take advisory or coaching calls with existing clients will help build your reputation and search rankings. 7. Present a webinar in the network or write an article or blog Experts are invited to join us for our wiseHer webinars or write an article or blog for the site. We’ll feature you on a webinar that is widely syndicated through our partnership with BrightTalk that has over 6 million users! If you are interested in doing a webinar send an email to lisa at wiseHer dot com (we have to spell it out so bots don’t spam us!) or complete a webinar proposal form with a pitch on what you would be interested in focusing on. Webinar proposal forms can be found in the private Expert Facebook Group. 8. Use your VIP Link. Experts can give a free or 50% off call with their own link from their dashboard
How do I edit my expert profile?
You can edit your profile by going to your Account > Edit Listing (Expert). A great profile includes your full name, a profile photo with your lovely face, a 30 second “meet me’ video and some interesting facts about your current and past experiences. This is your opportunity to highlight how amazing you are, so feel free to be creative! You can share your company website, blog, or links that relate to your expertise as well as any other online accounts you'd like to share that showcase your experience.
How can I change my phone number and manage notifications?
To verify or change your phone number, go to your Account > Edit Listing (Expert). Select your country code from the drop-down menu, then enter your area code and phone number into the box. It's best to use a cell phone, because you will receive a text message notification when you get a call request. If you're in an area with weak reception you may use a landline, but note you will be unable to receive message reminders.
Why didn't I receive my email or SMS notification?
Sometimes a small spelling error can be the cause of the confusion. To make sure your email address and phone number is correctly entered, go to your Account > Edit Listing (Expert). It's also possible your email provider mistakenly marked our emails as spam and sent them to your spam or junk folders. You can help avoid this by removing our messages from your spam list and adding info at wiseher dot com.
How do I delete my account?
Thinking about leaving? We'll be sad to see you go. Should you decide to delete your account, contact us at support at wiseher dot com to deactivate your account. We'd love to have your feedback to help improve our services. Please let us know what we can do to make things better by emailing us at info at wiseher dot com. ​We hope you reconsider and make it back some day. In order to reactivate your account, all you have to do is contact wiseHer at support at wiseher dot com.
How do I get paid?
We use Stripe Connect to pay experts in the following countries: U.S Hong Kong New Zealand UK Canada Ireland Norway Australia Italy Poland Belgium Japan Portugal Denmark Latvia Singapore Estonia Lithuania Slovakia Finland Luxembourg Slovenia France Malaysia Spain Germany Mexico Sweden Greece Netherlands Switzerland and Paypal for all other countries. With Stripe connect you will receive payment within 72 hours. With Paypal, we will batch expert payments and pay them out monthly.
Can I donate my fee to charity?
Yes, experts can donate their fees to charity. Choose the ‘charity’ payment option when creating your Expert profile. wiseHer was founded to make it easy for experts, coaches, mentors and executives to help others grow and thrive. We are committed to supporting a range of social enterprises around the world that enable women to rise in their businesses and careers. Expert fees donated will be used to support a wiseHer approved charity.
How do I see my transaction history?
In order to see your transaction history, go to your dashboard and click Reports.
How can experts best prepare for a call?
Having a good conversation with a member will help you get higher call ratings and reviews, which will result in better wiseHer search rankings, which will result in more calls (and money) for you or your charity. All good things! Here's a few suggestions about having awesome conversations with members: Break the ice, but know when to move on It's good to start with some small talk to break the ice. Get comfortable, but move on as quickly as naturally possible to the meaty part of the conversation. Remember, for them, time is money. Set aside time It's easy to overbook yourself - not cool to do this when a member is paying for your time. Block off your schedule. The member might be on a tight budget, and she's putting it all on you with this call. Getting on the call while racing around, going through dead spots and dropping the call every 3 minutes isn't good. Most experts find it best to get ready 10 minutes prior to the call and get ready in a distraction-free location with good reception. Move at a good pace If you're going over a lot of new information with the member, be careful not to go too fast. They may be scrambling to keep up, and if you're flying too fast, they may lose track. Finish it off classy If there's time left on the call, verify with the member that you've covered everything. If you feel that it was a good conversation, and you wouldn't mind having another wiseHer call with them, tell them so. Connecting with and helping another person over the phone is a great experience when things go well. We hope these points help you have great wiseHer calls. It'd be great to hear a success story or two from you. If you have one you'd like to share, shoot us an email at support at wiseher dot com and keep us posted!
How do I become a Featured Expert?
Featured Experts come from the high quality reviews received. Ask for a review at the close of your call. It will help you move up in Featured status.
Can I offer free calls?
Though it's not our core business, you can set up a free VIP link to send people and share on your social media platforms. They can use that link to place a wiseHer call with you at no charge. It's a great tool for getting more calls when you're first starting out on wiseHer. Because here's the thing - getting more calls leads to more reviews and ratings... Which leads to a higher wiseHer search placement... Which leads to more paid calls:) All good things!
What is the fee structure for experts?
wiseHer is a social enterprise, and we give a portion of our call service fees away in the form of grants to support women in business to rise higher, whether it’s to support their entrepreneurial pursuits or corporate education. We split the call fee (what we collect) 50/50 with the experts. We don’t charge experts or members to be on the platform, we operate solely on a commission basis. We automatically deduct our fee from the total call cost.