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Being a leader in today’s world is challenging; you’re pulled in many directions and called upon to solve complex problems - like how to keep yourself or your team engaged and uplifted in this difficult COVID-19 reality, and how to help them deal with fear and uncertainty. Healthcare workers are carrying an enormous weight as the front-line of care for very sick patients; you need as much support as you can get. When we're under stress, we often revert to "reactive" behaviors that are fear-based, that keep us from moving towards our vision of a desired future. There is no shame in that; it's an adaptive response. We need a coach or mentor who can see the best parts of us and our good intentions, and help us see the way forward. As your coach I can be a partner, a sounding board and/or an accountability partner. Mostly I am an ally to you in your development - and to helping you access your inner wisdom to help you deal with this difficult reality. My role is to listen and to understand how you tick, i.e. what motivates you, what are your self-limiting beliefs and how you tend to get in your own way – all with compassion for the journey that you’re on. I’ll be asking questions to help you expand your range of responses so that you’re acting strategically – moving from reactivity to acting with creative intention. Testimonials: 1. Abby describes herself as a "skillful" coach and facilitator and that is EXACTLY how I would describe her. I came to her for some coaching and answers to a knotty problem I was facing about my business direction. Her skill in asking illuminating questions and her ability to listen to my unstated concerns helped me clarify my options so I could take steps moving forward. Highly recommended!! 2. You’re doing a great job. I’m trying to develop these skills; some of these things are hard and some are hard to talk about, but you have a great demeanor. I don’t think I would have improved these behaviors if you hadn’t brought that up for me. Your feedback has been a big help to me. QA Manager.

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Organizational Development

National Training Labs

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Harvard Mediation Program

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Team coaching



  • President, Boston Facilitators Roundtable, 2001-2020
  • Recipient of Outstanding Regional Network Award from the OD Network , 2015
  • Co-Founder of Affinity Group of Coaches, Alliance for Non-Profit Management
  • Director Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership Development, Mass. State government


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