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Congratulations! You’ve worked hard to perfect the skill, develop the product and find the customer. But what about the processes that ensure you deliver what you’ve promised? You’re not alone if you’ve skipped the “operations part” because it seemed time-consuming, over-complicated or simply not much fun. A solid operations plan might not be sexy, but it sure is important. If you haven’t thought about the “operations part”, I can help you: • Ask the right questions to find your operational stumbling blocks. • Make sure you’re using your resources (time and money!) efficiently. • Identify metrics that will help you know what’s working and what’s not. • Create the processes, policies and templates you need to be successful. If you’re a nonprofit thinking about an earned revenue strategy, I can help you: • Discover what you do best that has value in a new market. • Identify potential customers outside of current client base. • Build a strategy that will help diversify your income. • Decide if a fee-for-service model is right for your organization. If you’re launching a program or pilot, I can help you: • Plan for a “practice run” that will hep you learn about your customers. • Test the market to make sure your pricing and messaging is effective. • Engage customers in a way that solicits helpful feedback and future engagement. • Decide what to measure so that you know what to do next. A little about Aimee: With over 20 years in the corporate, education and startup sectors, I’ve led teams large and small in roles ranging from operations and marketing to program and technology management. I’ve helped companies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and individuals turn their ideas into action. I get excited by the prospect of transforming what’s messy and inefficient into something orderly and effective – whether it’s your customer communications plan or my own junk drawer. I’ll help you ask the right questions, identify gaps and build on what you’re already good at. Together we’ll prioritize your needs, resources and most important goals. And face it, you don’t need my help forever! My background in education and training allows me to hand-off what we create in a way that’s accessible and engaging. You and your team will know how to use the processes, policies and templates we’ve built. As you become more effective at delivering what you already do well, there’s more room for new initiatives, continuous improvement and sustainable growth. We’re all ready for that – let’s go!

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