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I am a licensed health & wellness coach, certified by Wellcoaches Corporation and accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine. I am also a graduate of The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, with a certificate from Cornell University’s online program in plant-based nutrition. I am a regular contributor to Vegan Lifestyle magazine and have written for a dozen other periodicals on attaining vibrant health. I was an actress for over 30 years, with leading roles in over 70 feature films and television shows. Throughout my career, health and fitness were very important to me. My consistent exercise program and clean eating habits gave me a strong foundation of self-confidence no matter what Hollywood threw at me. I controlled my controllable, as my friend Jim likes to say, in a business where so much is out of my control. Working 12 hour days on a TV series, I figured out how to make time to exercise every morning before arriving at the filming location. Once on the set, I learned to navigate the tempting “craft service table” (the snack area, which can be as modest as a table or as lavish as a mini 7-11), to stay away from the sugary treats. These positive habits soon became as much a part of my health routine as brushing my teeth. There were constant challenges – and every situation brings new ones – but feeling good about myself is essential for success. Now, no matter what life throws at me, I can cope because my fundamentals are sound: I eat a diet that energizes me and I maintain a regular exercise program. I get enough sleep and my weight is stable. I have a balance of love, work and advocacy. When I travel or if Life gets stressful and busy, my routine might flex a bit, but my habits are so deeply enough ingrained that it does not waiver much. This way of life not only helped me in my career but also as an amateur athlete. I am a Hawaiian Ironman finisher, and I compete in distance ocean swims like the 14 mile Reto Acapulco. I did not develop into a healthy, happy, active person without support from others. In my teens and 20s, I struggled with bulimia, so I understand how challenging it is to be comfortable in our own bodies. A skilled therapist and the 12 Steps helped me overcome my eating disorder, and I now have 24 years of abstinence. Two nutritionists guided me off my sugar addiction, and I learned invaluable tools on how to eat well along the way. My husband Ian, a triathlon coach, designs training programs for me when I prepare for a swim race. I have the healthy lifestyle I have because of the guidance and inspiration of others. I know firsthand that the odds of success go up dramatically when you have a support system and a plan. Nothing brings me greater fulfillment than guiding someone to their health and fitness goals, because I understand the struggle it took to get to mine. I look forward to working with you.

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