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Hi! I am Alicia and I have been a Social Media Marketer since social media marketing was invented. My agency: We are the Spark, a social media first company. We believe in good marketing for good people. How Can Help: Ask me questions about paid social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram. If you are ready to move beyond 'boosting posts' and using dedicated paid campaigns, we can help. Are your interested in learning more about how to use to run your campaigns? When running Facebook and social media ads correctly, you can generate leads, acquire new customers, and see business growth. For example, I can answer questions about budgets on social, targeting, setting up tracking or analyzing metrics. I also work with clients on organic strategy and growth, using creative posting and developing a social media voice.

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Alicia helped me to realize that I needed my customers to engage with us on social media, not just 'spray & pray' for likes & shares. Customers & followers will come with authenticity & quality over quantity. That was already evident from the metrics we had on prior social posts.

November 2019

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