Alyssa Dver


With a long-time fascination of motivational science applied at first to a successful marketing career, my latest of 5 entrepreneurial adventures is the American Confidence Institute. We train and coach individuals from all walks of life how to use basic brain science to improve their impact whether they are pitching, coaching others, or simply contributing their talents to their workplaces. Favorite clients are women who are smart and caring but have been scarred by the misalignment of value with their organization/manager. Happy to answer startup/business marketing questions and definitely be a confidence coach as a thought partner, accountability buddy, and/or sanity check to optimize your business and professional impact.

I’m excited to support wiseHer members with 2 things: 1. Marketing strategy – as a former CMO for a variety of tech companies and a consultant to over 250 organizations in virtually every industry, I can help you develop powerful messaging and a mark


  • • Led French startup, PeopleDoc, into the US enabling its $300mil acquisition 4 years later
  • • Enabled the re-start of Centerline Software which subsequently funded the creation of TripAdvisor
  • • Created an angel investment network for the CEO Connection members and enabled $100 mil deal flow
  • • Appointed as Professional Advisor at MIT’s Trust Entrepreneurial Center
  • • Teach every semester and provide ongoing coaching at Wharton/UPenn’s Innovation Center for the CEOs funded by the university’s own venture group.
  • • Pitch coach for the Toulouse Business School, French American Chamber of Commerce, Rhode Island Get Started Program, Tech Sandbox, Staples Studios, etc.
  • • Board member for 3 social tech startups
  • • Coaching Expert for Predictive Index’s Talent Optimization Community & podcast co-host
  • • Founder & Chief Confidence Officer for American Confidence Institute which has trained/coached 350,000+ people. Clients include US Air Force, Big Brothers Big Sisters, MA superintendents and special needs teachers, various home health and aging health providers, plus well-known companies such as Pepsi, Panera, IBM, Staples, Wayfair, Spotify, etc.
  • • Founder and Chair of the ERG Leadership Alliance which fosters best practices for diversity & inclusion across employee resources groups (ERGs) in different organizations.


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