Andrea Brand


My approach focuses on leveraging your strengths to help you reach what you set out to do. From career uncertainty, to establishing healthy habits, to redefining one's purpose, together we customize a plan shaped by your priorities and values. Whether you seek a small change or big shakeup, your path to greater joy and fulfillment awaits you. You are not alone. Coaching with me is enlisting a collaborator, personal cheerleader, and accountability partner on your journey to self-discovery. Through intense listening and open questioning, I help you unpack and get around the perceived roadblocks that stand in your way. As someone familiar with burnout from trying to do it all, I am a big advocate of pressing the pause button for introspection and perspective. What an opportunity to move from autopilot to aha! While I support you, I also challenge you to live intentionally with an emphasis on self-care.


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