Bev Hepting


* Showing you how to create a message that defines what you do. * Creating the perfect presentation to attract those clients you want to work with. * Delivering the message with confidence so that your ideal client understands you, your business, and wants to work with you. From my background in Theatre, Teaching voice and speech to adults, winning speech competitions, and speaking at a variety of events, along with my experience of working with community leaders, project management, and helping fundraisers get the message right to attract sponsors, I know that business relies on getting a clear message to the customer or client you work with.

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This is my show reel that shows you how I speak, how I engage with an audience and how with my coaching you could become a great speaker as well.


  • Being invited to speak at Belarus Global Entrepreneurs week last year.
  • TEDx Telford
  • Winning over 10 public speaking competitions
  • Having clients speaking all over the world.


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