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We use PROVEN strategies to help you ensure that your content on your site and on social media regularly appears at the top of searches conducted by your ideal customers for your products and services. For many years, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media optimization has been cloaked in unnecessary mystery and has often been priced out of the reach of small business owners and entrepreneurs. We know this doesn't have to be the case and have devised all of our offerings to ensure that you never pay for anything you don't need or can't use AND deliver strategies that are completely customized to your unique value proposition and how you use that to address the pain points of your ideal customers. Our clients ecstatic with the results and we are thrilled to watch small business owners and entrepreneurs outrank even the "big guys" paying the big bucks. Brenda Crawshaw is the founder and CEO of The Crawshaw Group, a business strategy company devoted to helping its clients achieve maximum online visibility to their ideal customers. Clients of The Crawshaw Group often enjoy outranking their competitors on the web and in social media. Brenda is a Certified Professional and Whole Life Coach, is a Certified Social and Community Manager and holds Specialist Certifications in Ecommerce Marketing, Search Marketing, Analytics and Data, Email Marketing, Customer Acquisition and Content Marketing. Brenda also holds SEO training certifications from Yoast, SEMRush and Moz. As a former restaurant owner, Brenda is known to use food analogies to help clients understand complicated concepts and often hears that more intense meetings leave people looking for lunch. Brenda lives in Framingham, MA with her husband, college aged son and completely crazy but incredibly adorable rescue dog, who quickly got over her fear of living inside a house and has turned into a total bed hog.

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Yoast, SEMRush and Moz


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I learned more in 10 minutes...

I spent 30 minutes with Brenda and she gave me all of the basics (and then some) I needed to get blogs onto my site optimized for SEO. Worth the time and investment to finally get this right. I'll be back for the advanced lesson when I'm ready.

September 2020

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Robin Samora
Boston, MA
You're in Good, No Great Hands

Had a session with Brenda to discuss SEO and additional visibility working from the back end of my site -- to boost my brand and in particular, my daily new podcast, Fast Marketing Minute. Brenda shared a wealth of knowledge, templates and guidelines, and I'm confident (and excited) that she'll get back to me with ideas and tactics to bring in even more business. Thank you Brenda, from one WiseHER expert to another.

January 2020

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SEO Queen

Brenda is a true SEO pro, she consulted with wiseHer and we hired her to research and implement the SEO strategy for wiseHer and we are ranked for all of our keywords. She breaks down the mystery of ranking into easy to understand language -- I highly recommend her if you need an overview or a deep dive, it is time (and money) well spent!

October 2019

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