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My work combines life coaching, intuitive work, and Chinese medicine to guide you through the reasons (both internal and external) behind your burnout and then help you untangle the whole mess so that you can heal and gain energy and clarity. Most of my clients tell me that working with me helps them to feel like they have sense of control again and faith that they will be able to move through this phase of their lives. I've burnt out (at least) twice myself and then spent nearly 2 years recovering and researching. Since that time, I've written a book (The Bouncebackability Factor) and started a podcast (FRIED. The Burnout Podcast). All of those things combined with my natural abilities make it easy for me to guide you, to help you find and reconnect with your inner wisdom and to free you from the chains of behavior patterns that lead you to burnout in the first place. Together we work on healing, recovering, and energy management for the future. I love watching you rebecome yourself. You were always magic, it's time to remember that. <3

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Diplomate of Oriental Medicine


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  • Author of The Bouncebackability Factor: Gain Resilience, End Burnout, & Change the World
  • Host of: FRIED. The Burnout Podcast
  • International Lecturer/Speaker
  • Keynote Speaker at NJEPTRA
  • Online Course Creator - Energy Management Ninja

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