Candyce Costa


DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT - with my background in Sales and Marketing, I help small/middle companies to focus on creating effective strategies applying Digital Marketing Tools and Social Media Channels in a comprehensive way. It could be exploring how an app or a sales funnel could increase your sales rates or your brand awareness or which channels would work better for your company in a B2B environment. Also, having worked in the event industry, my organizer skills mix very well when the client decides that running events are really a serious way to increase the audience and create a community (and I totally agree!). This helps companies understanding their audience and the market for their product because it is all about how your business can effectively connect with your audience.

Fluent in

English ,  Portuguese ,  Spanish


Certificate name
Issuing organization

Leadership and Management

CPD Europe

Certificate name
Issuing organization

Business and Marketing

Ruskin Anglian University


  • Associate Member of the IDM - Institute of Data & Marketing – part of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA)
  • Google Analytics Academy Field Of StudyGoogle Analytics for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Grade - Certificate

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