Carol McClelland Fields


Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC, mentors Change Catalysts who are feeling called to create the next iteration of their work to address the issues of our changing times. Several years ago, while in the process of taking her own work to a new level, Carol discovered that evolving your new work requires a different journey than building your existing business. Having successfully evolved her own business five times since 1991, Carol is very familiar with the excitement, confusion, and overwhelm that accompany you as you endeavor to take your work in a new direction. To guide her clients on this journey, Carol combines her extensive expertise in creating clarity, navigating significant transitions, transforming ideas into unique bodies of work, and co-creating engaging offers that become the basis of their viable business vision. With a new level of clarity and actual experience with their offers, her clients step into the marketing phase of their journey with deep confidence and proof that their work creates the intended results. With this embodied sense of their new work, they have a strong foundation upon which to flourish personally, professionally, and financially as they grow.

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  • Host of the Change Catalysts at the Growing Edge podcast. Board Certified Coach. Experience coach trainer since 2004. Award-winning author. Author of Seasons of Change, Dream Career For Dummies, and three other books.


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