Cristina Costa


Cristina is a natural born connector who's mission is to empower marginalized people with the resources to succeed -- by consciously creating inclusive spaces, diversifying the workforce, helping others attain leadership positions and ultimately empower marginalized communities. Cristina has over 7 years of professional experience working in the technology sector in a variety of roles from client consulting, digital marketing, customer success, director of student engagement, project management as well as leading diversity and inclusion initiatives. Outspoken advocate who works towards equity and inclusion for all people of color -- particularly invested in the professional and economic advancement of women of color. Bilingual in English and Spanish and conversational Japanese and Portuguese speaker. Experience teaching and living abroad for over 3 years -- which has drastically broadened my perspective of the world and shaped my growth mindset.

Fluent in

English ,  Portuguese ,  Spanish


  • Have lead a nonprofit organization called Women With Purpose for over 5 years -- provided professional development workshops and seminars to professional women of color. Head of Learning & Development at Outco -- train job seeking software engineers. Featured public speaker -- particularly on topics regarding diversity and inclusion in tech, women empowerment or HR best practices and career development.

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