Cynthia Trevino


Your credibility as a woman business owner is affected by today’s social media tsunami. You want to standout to your potential clients with your expert content and your message. To do so, you must go beyond demographics, target market, and niche market when choosing the clients and customers you want more of. Next, you must focus your marketing content, so your message is ‘heard’ by the right clients. Plus, if you don’t have a firm handle on exactly who your perfect clients are, your competitors will. My specialty skills to help you choose the 1-3 ideal client segments to focus on are: * Content marketing * Marketing content * Content strategy * Gaining clarity on ideal clients * How to develop blog topics ideal clients care about * Talking so the right clients listen and take action * How to create catchy titles and email subject lines * Marketing content planning for ideal clients * Ideal client content planning and creation * Preparing content calendars * How to polish your elevator pitch * Networking to connect with ideal clients

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  • Amazon #1 Bestseller: She Markets, A Guide for
  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • Creator, The Client Clarity to Cash Flow System


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