Danielle Graves


With me, high-powered clients create the shifts necessary to reimagine, realign, and recalibrate the lives and careers of their wildest dreams. A fresh voice that the coaching world has been waiting for, I fuse popular culture, corporate know-how, and strategy in a way that helps my clients feel heard, understood, and empowered. When you add a knack for illuminating millennial’s superpowers and how to wield them, it’s clear why I have a proven track record of transforming lives, careers, organizations, and businesses. Before bravely stepping out into entrepreneurship, I spent more than a decade with the Federal Bureau of Investigation where I supported various divisions and held several leadership positions. From project manager of a multi-million dollar business process reengineering effort to taking calculated personal risks and stepping out on faith, my life and leadership experiences have equipped me with first-hand insights on leading self and others with power and grace.

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Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching

Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies

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