Darrin Fitzgerald


Our Process First we answer all your questions. Then we help you answer the most important questions behind any video: Who’s your target audience? Where will they watch your video? Which Video will inspire them to take action? What action will your audience take? How does their action help you achieve a business goal? How We Guide and Help You: Get to know you. Understand your business. Identify your goals. Examine your competitors. Review your Marketing Tactics. Design a Video Marketing Strategy. Develop your Video Concept. Write your Script. Create storyboards. Provide Creative Direction and Production Design. Cast On-camera and Voiceover talent. Produce Full HD and 4K Video. Finish with Digital editing, Motion Graphics & Animation. Implement Video SEO alongside a Customizable Video Hosting Platform with Robust Analytics. Areas of Expertise: Branded Short Films. Brand Videos and Corporate Overviews. Commercials. Event, Seminar & Conference Coverage. Training, Safety, and Compliance Videos. Digital Display Design, Retail, Arenas & Stadiums.


  • Award-Winning Writer & Producer, Director of Stage & Screen, Actor, SAG Union Member


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