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Deb Elbaum is an executive and leadership development coach who has been guiding people to think and act calmly and confidently for more than 15 years. She builds her clients’ capacity to manage challenges more effectively -- including leading through change, creating strategic plans, making high-stakes decisions, communicating successfully, and inspiring and engaging teams. Deb's approach to coaching combines neuroscience, leadership models, and focused action planning. Through increased self-awareness, her clients learn to create sustainable, purposeful change that aligns with their organization’s vision and goals. A former physician and founder of a healthcare writing business, Deb now partners with senior executives and emerging leaders in healthcare, pharma, biotech, tech, finance, academia, and non-profit organizations. Deb is known for her positive energy and ability to carefully listen, quickly reframe, and hone in on the heart of the matter. Her clients learn how to cultivate their leadership identity, identify blindspots that are holding them back, and shift behaviors.

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