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Deborah (Deb) Crowe is your Habit Finder Coach. She has worked as an executive coach and consultant for the last 30 years, bringing new innovative programs and strategies to corporations. Deb has been providing professional coaching to numerous clients including Presidents & CEO’s and providing company corporate training. Deb has also continued to provide consulting services and group coaching for companies after completion of the Habit Finder Program. Deb’s background is in the medical rehabilitation industry (specialty in Neuroscience) having worked in the disability and medical case management sectors for several large insurance companies as well as many law firms and insurance companies in both Canada and the USA. Deb lives in London, Ontario, Canada and enjoys running, cooking and volunteering at the local hospice weekly. Deb’s passion is Coaching people to achieve excellence in their lives and professions. I look forward to serving you.

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  • My education and career has been in Disability Case Management. Specialization in Neurotrauma from 1990 – 2013. After 23 years as an entrepreneur in the medical legal sector, I have transitioned to become a Certified Og Mandino Habit Finder Coach. I coach with mid to upper management and C-suite executives to disrupt their habits of thinking using a science-based assessment that is based on metacognition.
  • Founder of the Women’s Self-Care Conference which launched in Ontario in 2018 in Toronto and in 2019 Deb took her conference across Canada to empower all women that self-care is not selfish. Deb is bringing her Women’s Self-Care Conference back to London, ON this October.
  • Deb lives her life by her own unique design. Deb frequently does professional speaking on self-care across Canada and the US. Deb has co-authored 4 books, her and she is working on a 5th book on Self-Care.


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