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In 2004, I started blogging for my business and realized it was a game-changer for entrepreneurs and small businesses. I began teaching, training and consulting with business owners on how to integrate blogging into their business. As the tools evolved, my work evolved to include social and email marketing, creating a holistic approach to building a business on the Web. As an Online Marketing Strategist, Consultant, and Mentor I’ve worked with hundreds of creative professionals and online entrepreneurs around the world to help them build their business and strategically use social marketing to get more visibility, traffic, leads, customers and opportunities. As an early adopter and active experimenter, I help authors and entrepreneurs navigate the journey of growing their business on the Web. I walk my talk and over 20 years, have created a powerful, visible presence by using the tools and teaching others to do the same. I’m an advocate, cheerleader, and champion for my clients and colleagues; showcasing their work and introducing them to the people they need to know so they can get their important messages out to the world. Founder, Globetrotting Adventure Travel (2018), Founder, The Marketing Trailblazers Community (2018), Co-Founder, The Future of Ink (2012), Founder, Adventures in Visibility (2008), Co-Founder, The Blog Squad (2005), Partner, Success Options Business Coaching (1996)

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  • Quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Newsday, FastCompany Online, and many other online and offline publications.I've been interviewed on dozens of podcasts and video shows.
  • I write regularly about online marketing strategy and tactics, have written for the PostPlanner blog, and was a founding contributor on Social Media Examiner.
  • Co-authored several blogging programs and speak at conferences and workshops about business blogging and how to gain expert status through social marketing and creating a personal presence on the Web.
  • Contributing author on business blogging in “Success Secrets of Social Media Superstars,” and "Success Secrets of Online Marketing Superstars" (2015).
  • Co-Host, Intermittent Fasting for Entrepreneurs Group


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