Diane Catrambone


I am a life long learner. When I learn something, I'm passionate about sharing. And that is what I do as a coach. Not only utilizing the core competencies of coaching, which are paramount to a successful coach/client relationship, I also engage a four pillar foundation for change system that was taught to me a few years back. My journey has been one of radical acceptance that I was a victim to the circumstances in my life. Once I accepted that, I was able to become aware of the choices that I was making that were determined by my victimhood. Then, I became accountable for my actions around that and was able to adapt to an evolved way of thinking...Victim to Victor. That's my motto! It's wonderful to lean into the magic of our lives, isn't it? It's also very handy to have a set of tools that actually work! Let's do this thing together!


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National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching

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Mindset Coach/Neuroscience Coach

Eliminate Your Limits - Brian Grasso/Carrie Campbell


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